Borboletinha (“Little Butterfly”)

Time in the mission is funny. Everything flies by so fast, but at the same time feels like it has been happening for such a long time. (p.s. sorry that my english is already staring to decay.)
This week, we got two new missionaries in our district from Provo, who had been visa waiting. So now, Sister Cook and I are the only companionship in our district that is not a tripanionship! We are really excited to add some new personalities and testimonies to our CTM experience.
Every week, I want to write so much about how much I love attending the temple on P-days. It’s different that since there are only a few temples in Brazil (6) many of the missionaries come to the MTC without having gone through. So it is really neat to be there for so many of them as they are having their first time. Last week, there were 6 or 7 people going through for the first time, and today, my roommates both are going through for the first time. I am excited to talk to them later. This temple is so sacred to me, and I can’t believe I get to go so often!
I am glad for the time I have to learn so much and help nourish my testimony here at the CTM. The cool thing about learning another language at the same time as we are teaching so many lessons is that we have to simplify the gospel. And I have learned that the gospel simplified is so valuable. The reason I am here to serve a mission is because of the difference it has made for me to know that I am the daughter of God, and knowing what a difference the Atonement of Jesus Christ has made, and will continue to make in my life. When we remember that the reason the gospel is so great is because of this, it becomes so easy to want to share it with all of God’s children. I am so lucky to be able to testify of my savior each and every day. Every teacher here always tells us to value this time that we have as a missionary. I am grateful for that constant reminder, because it reminds me that my call is so special. I wake up every day grateful to wear Christ’s name over my heart.
Sister Amorim, the Brazilian who we do transfers with, is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She always tells us that she writes home to her family about us; she also always talks about how she wants her family to accept the message of this gospel. I pray for her mom and her family. Her love for the gospel is so contagious, and her testimony is so bright. Mom, she has hair just like you but black. It’s even the same length and style. I love that about her too:)
This week I have not been using the headphones to translate the firesides, or the temple, but have been embracing the language more. I am so lucky that Heavenly Father is giving me the opportunity to learn this beautiful language and helping me so much along the way.

This week, I learned  how to sing this children’s song called “Borboletinha”(basically the word means “Little Butterfly”). Which has some of the Brazilians pretty impressed with me. They are confused why we would be learning that in the MTC. But don’t worry, I am learning a lot more than how to sing songs like “heads, shoulders, knees and toes” in Portuguese (btw i learned that one too). So, if you are bored or curious, you should look it up because I’m sure you could find lots of kids on Youtube singing it , and that’s probably exactly what I look like. That might give you a smile 🙂

I wanted to write a little bit more about how the day generally works here at the CTM. We eat the same thing for breakfast every single day, which I think I already wrote about, but it’s really funny so I have to write about it again. But I still like it, or at least i still eat it, so that’s good news. Similarly, I still eat rice and beans every meal out of my own free will.

My favorite thing that I have found here is “goiba,” which is guava. I am already sad to have to leave it one day, and I think I maybe already wrote about that too, but it is just so good. You should look it up if you’ve never had it or don’t know what it looks like because it’s a really confusing food. BUT DELICIOUS. Also, the guarana is way better here. I’m not sure how, but it just is.
There is an elder named Elder Santos who loves to call Sister Cook and I cookie and apple (as do many of the Brazilians. I am more often addressed as “Apple” than Sister Chapple). But Elder Santos always pretends to eat us or something…it’s kinda weird but I suppose it fits the joke and makes for good memories. He doesn’t speak hardly any English, so every time he talks to us he says the same things because he always wants to speak English, even though we tell him to speak in Portuguese. The district that we play volleyball with every time, made up of Brazilians learning Spanish, leaves this week. They are going to be awesome.
Our district has started to bear our testimonies to each other in Portuguese once or twice a week, which has been a really cool experience. If you want to strengthen your testimony, bear it. 🙂
Something else I have learned from this week is that the Holy Ghost is talking to us way more than we think. When we read a scripture and feel the spirit, that is the holy ghost testifying to us of truth, testifying of the love of God. That is something we have been helping our investigators learn. That when they feel the spirit, it is an answer to their prayers. When they desire to change, it is the spirit. When you have a thought to do something to serve someone this week, don’t sit around and wonder if it was the spirit, just get up and do it, and the Lord will bless you help you bless his children too.
Okay, just a few more funny things:
So often, Elder Hamm and Elder Manning (the elders in my district) come back from their lessons a little disappointed because they read the wrong scripture, so instead of talking about the love of God or repentance or something, they read about damnation or devils or anything else unsettling in the verses that surround the ones that really help investigators to understand the doctrine. We are glad that we can get a good laugh about it here, and their “investigators” never really understand whats going on anyways (plus they are our teachers) but we’re glad that they can get out all their desire to teach gospel extrinsics in the MTC, not out in the field.
Also, I have been trying to choose a favorite word of the day each day, and some native speakers ask me each day what my word is. It’s normally something that entertains me and them, like snail, or cockroach, or borboletinha. It’s kinda fun.
I love my district, and I love the CTM, and I love Brazil, but most of all, I love this gospel! I am so grateful to have it in my life, for the happiness it brings me, and for the ways it helps me to know God and feel of his love!
Have faith, have hope, live like His Son, help others on their way.
I love you all!
Sister Chapple
P.s. Writing these emails is as stressful as practicing the AP english tests, so if you were wondering why they are so scrambled it’s since I have way more thoughts in my head than I can communicate or even remember in 45 minutes. But thanks for reading anyways 🙂
P.s.s. To all my siblings – I love you and pray for you guys! I think about you and how lucky I am to have you every single day!!

Aqui no Brasil

HELLLLOOOOO from Sister Sh-applE all the way over here in Brazil!

If you are wondering if I am still smiling, the answer is YES!!! And if you are wondering if people have began to believe that I am Brazilian yet, the answer is YEEESSS! I have them all fooled by the first glance! Now if I can get my Portuguese to make me sound that way, that would be cool too 🙂 but all in time!
This week was really exciting! Time on the mission is weird, and I can’t decide if I have been here for 2 hours or 2 years (or two weeks…thats what it actually is).
This week we got to go proselyting out in Sao Paulo, which was an incredible experience. Sister Cook and I gave out 11 livros de mormon in the 1 hour and 40 minutes that we were out there, and we got to talk to some really neat people. The entire time I think I had a smile on my face, because there is something that feels so good about sharing the message of God’s love for all of his children. It is easy to invite others to read the Book of Mormon and come unto Christ when we remember the love God has for his children, and the comfort that we have as followers of Christ. What a blessing!!! One specific experience from proselyting yesterday was with this man named Sidwei, who gave us his address so the missionaries can come visit him. When we gave him the livro de mormon, he put his face in his hands and cried, telling us that he NEEDS this in his life, and that he has a lot to change. He needs to feel the love of God and the refuge that comes from following the Savior and keeping the commandments. He thanked us and told us that he will see us again one day when we all see Jesus, and that he will thank us then too. The incredible thing is that we didn’t do anything but invite him to read and come unto Christ more. This gospel is incredible. (p.s. Sidwei speaks english, which was funny, but a few other people asked us if we were Brazilian. And our answer: YES. haha)
This week we also had the opportunity to have splits with the Brazilian sisters. A sister from my district, Sister Bailey, and I have been learning so much from Sister Amorim, who is from Recife, Brazil, (that’s Sister Bailey and half of my district’s mission). Sister Amorim is this cute, short girl (like you Rachy) who has only been a member of the church for a year and a half. Her testimony is so inspiring! And teaching with her helps us feel like we do know a little bit of Portuguese. 🙂
Tomorrow we are having a fireside with someone from the general YM presidency, I’m not sure exactly who but I’ll have to let you know next week! Every Sunday and Tuesday, we also have firesides, and we have choir practice with the whole MTC (about 250 missionaries) in the 3 languages that we speak. And they translate the talks so we can really understand. Between that and the temple in Portuguese today (which was INCREDIBLE by the way) we are getting good at using headsets, but trying not to if we can. As for singing together, I love it so much!!! It’s like tunnel singing at BYU times 50 🙂
Today at the temple we got to do initatories before our session. If I’m not the luckiest missionary ever, I don’t know who is. Because I love the temple and I love Brazil and I love that so many people there thought i was Brazilian 🙂 Something crazy is that probably 6 missionaries went through for the first time today! We are so lucky in the United States to have temples so near. Go to the temple this week if you can, or find a friend who can teach you a little more about temples if you don’t know that much, and you will feel God’s love for you  🙂
Our Brazilian roommates left this week to continue visa waiting in the Sao Paulo mission, and I miss them already. But our new roomies (also Brazilians) are cool too. These ones don’t speak English, so we’re thinking we better start getting better at Portuguese FAST! But one awesome thing is that Sister Cook and I moved down to the ground bunks from the top, which is probably at least 20 times better. The funny thing is that these roomies will leave before we do. 6 weeks is sorta a long time, but we both love it here. I am so lucky to have sister cook!
Have I already told you that it is cold here in the CTM and Brazil? This is especially a shoutout to Darren, Griffin, and Tito. You would love it here. This is the perfect temperature you like! (But only for 2 months of the year, I’m sure. We all talk about how much we are going to wish we loved it this cold once we get out to our hot missions in the summer. Another shoutout to you guys (and Douglas and Mariah) is that i always have the Zelda song running through my head (or christmas music, which is awesome) I guess it feels like December to me. But its a good reminder of home).
Here in Brazil the sisters are “irmas” and the brothers are “irmaos, but elders and sister missionaries keep their names as such. So being a sister in Brazil is actually pretty cool, since the only sisters are the missionaries. One other American phrase that the mission keeps is “P-day” which is pretty funny since it translates. But, on P-days, we get to go out into Sao Paulo (within our MTC boundaries) and shop and explore, so we love doing that! We also love playing sports every night with the  Brazilians. I am seriously so lucky to be here. There are lots of rules such as no jumping, spiking, keeping score, etc. But that makes it more fun since we are all pretty bad anyways. It is always way more fun to hang out with the Brazilians than the Americans which is kinda sad…but oh well 🙂
Something that we also love a lot is being able to teach our “investigators” – who are really our teachers, taking on personas of investigators they taught. We have learned so much about how to use the spirit to teach, and have formed real friendships with these investigators. I love being a missionary!!!
A bunch of my Brazilian friends who came into the CTM at the same time as us leave this week, which is SUPER exciting!! I am going to really miss them.
Also, I almost forgot to tell you that I am the new sister training leader for our branch, branch 1. Which means that for my last 4.5 weeks I get to love the girls in our branch and help welcome them to the CTM! When I feel inadequate to be a leader, I remember that the most important trait I can have is love, and it is not hard to love all the girls here! But I am really excited too, to learn and grow from this experience! Sister Cook is a good support to me too!!! Our branch is 100% Americans, and we have sacrament together each week. We give talks in Portuguese and the presidency talks in English, to learn better. It’s pretty neat!
That’s all I have time for today! I wish I could send pics, but know that I love you so much!
Have faith, have hope, live like his son, help others on their way.
Sister Chapple

Oi from Brazil!

Oi from Sister Chapple, down here in Brazil, having the time of her life.

Today is my first P-day, (WOOT) and I have so so so many good things to say about my first days on the mission.

First things first, I am so happy to be a missionary! What an amazing blessing! And I really love Portuguese. My favorite things to say are as follows: “Eu não falo ingles” – I don’t speak English & “Eu sou brasileto”- I am Brazillian. Also the phrase (cool beans) in Portuguese.

I love so many things about being here in the CTM (MTC)! First of all, it is a place where the spirit is so often present. One of our teachers told us it is one the most sanctified places after the temple. And I think that she is right. Being here is a great opportunity to build my relationship with the ward. Second of all, I love the people! So so much. I am already thinking that it will be hard to leave the friends I have made here, but I am excited that brasiletos live all over Brazil, you know? They are so loving and especially love to help us learn Portuguese. Maybe a fourth of them also know English, so that is pretty useful. Two of my roomates here at the CTM are Brazilians who are visa waiting for their U.S. visas for Raleigh, NC (shout out to you Cami!) and SLC. Rooming with them, every night is like the sleepover in Princess Diaries 2 with Raven Symone. They make me laugh so much, and teach us a lot of Portuguese. I am surprised how much influence America has everywhere down here.

One other thing that I am very grateful for us my companion Sister Cook. I love her a lot, and would have chosen her as my companion, so I am glad to be with her for this first transfer! She is also from AZ (Mesa) and when we met in Phoenix, we wondered if we would see each other at the CTM. Then when we missed the flight we wondered if they would put us together. Turns out we were together from the beginning, which is pretty inspired. Her mission is Brazil Manaus, which is a huge area along the Amazon River. (It’s pretty exotic, not to mention hot, that is what we hear at least! You should look it up.)

Which leads me to this story about how we missed our connecting flight from Atlanta, GA to Brazil and were stranded in Atlanta for a whole day. But we weren’t worried at all, and called church missionary travel and they got us a hotel, and we got our new tickets printed, and spent the first day being missionaries in Atlanta! We gave out all of our pass along cards, made friends with many travelers, and made a ton of memories. Also we had FIRST CLASS FOR OUR 10 HOUR FLIGHT which is pretty amazing, and I don’t think I will ever have an experience like that again, so that was a plus. To top it off, Sister Cook and I made a grand entrance to the CTM a day late and everything.

The city of São Paulo is pretty huge. We drove to the police station yesterday and to the temple today. I would send pics but we are not allowed to from here, so I will have to after I leave! Going to the temple here was one of the coolest temple experiences I have ever had. The temple session today was in English which was prettyyy cool since there were more Brazilians than Americans. It was nice for one last time, AND I got to see my favorite video that they show so that was awesome too! It was a really beautiful experience. Brazil and this experience are just really beautiful.

In the CTM they teach Portuguese and Spanish. There are many Hispanics learning Portuguese, and Brazilians learning Spanish. Also, with Portuguese, you can pretty much just guess how to say a word and it’s right (if you know some Spanish). The words are just more slurred together and softer sounds. At least that’s what it feels like to me. Also, I should say that I know that the gift of tongues is real, because without it I would not be able to say that last statement! I am so grateful for the opportunity to experience it. It is amazing that we have been speaking so fluently with Brazilians who don’t know English, and lately when I have been noticing that, I find myself really surprised. But none of it is me – without the Lord, none of this would be possible!!

Something else I have noticed here is that everyone loves to try all of the weird funky food. I cant believe I haven’t found a picky missionary from the U.S. yet. The food is definitely interesting but really yummy. For breakfast we make our own paninis in a press which I thought was pretty fun. And we get snack (lanche) each night so I have tried quite a few Brazilian candies too!

Here I held up an apple next to my name tag and covered the “ch-” and all the Brazilians DIED of laughter so now I am Sister Apple to many people. Also, Sister Cook is often pronounced “cookie”, so we are Sister Apple and Cookie – often in Portuguese – to many people. Also interesting is they say my name sorta like “Sh-appul”. Something like that.

Most of all though, I am happy to be here because I get to be a missionary! I still can’t believe it, but I love putting on my name tag each morning, because I share this name tag with Christ. This is HIS WORK- I KNOW IT! I am excited to get to know and love the people of Brazil even more than I already do.

I love you all and miss you, because I love you!!! & HURRAH for Israel!!
Sister Chapple
(Sister Apple)


Hello! This is (future) Sister Chapple, and you have found my blog! I hope that you have “subscribed” if you asked to be on my email list for the next year and a half, while I am serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Riberao Preto Brazil! I am so excited to serve, and can’t wait! The good news is that I won’t have to wait for much longer, since I will be set apart as a full-time missionary on the evening of July 4. I’m not sure when the first time you’ll get to hear from me as a sister missionary is, so stay tuned to find out more! xoxo Sister Chapple

p.s. My sister Rachel and my Mom will be helping keep this blog up to date by posting on here for me. (I’m so lucky to have them)