Saying Goodbye Again

First things first I love you all! I knew before that I was blessed with the best, but on the mission it is so easy to see the blessings of the Lord in my life and you guys are all a huge blessing to me!

Thank you thank you THANK YOU to all of my family who contributed to that awesome group letter from Snowflake. I can not believe how lucky I am. I feel the prayers you all send my way in the strength I have to make it through each day so happily. I have such a desire to share this message and I know that it is because of your faithful prayers. I feel the love of you all every day. My district is pretty jealous that I get so much mail here, and they don’t know how jealous they should be that they don’t have you! (big shoutout to you especially Stacy Jernigan)

It is awesome how every week being a missionary is even more of a blessing. I have made friendships here that already mean so much to me. I can not believe how blessed I am, and how much the hand of the Lord Directs My Life!
Before I keep going, during my junior year of high school English Ms. Pino always talked about how the old ladies reading our AP tests didn’t want to get bored, and since I feel so stressed writing this email in no time, that’s what I remember . So I hope I can keep you guys more awake then those ladies…although I just typed out this long monologue which totally contradicts my point.  🙂
This week (just as every week) I had so many reasons to smile. I have been keeping a log of some of the MANY blessings in my life, and just after a few days of this, it became clear that so many miracles happen in my life every day. One of them right now is that the instructors are letting us have a half-hour longer P-day since we went to get acaii icecream bowls with our instructor (SO GOOD) but I’ll have to tell you about that later since I have a whole list of miracles to share with you about this week. (and a handful of things to make you laugh too)
     -We got to go to the BEAUTIFUL Campinas temple which is awesome, and so different than São Paulo. I am going to remember these experiences I am having in the temples here in Brazil for the rest of my life.
     -Our two investigators (really our instructors) were “baptized” this week. I love them so much even though they are our instructors just acting like investigators from their missions. But that makes them real. Oh I can’t wait to have investigators of my own.
     -Every time Sister Cook and I, or anyone from my district and I, are able to successfully hold conversations with the Brazilians (which is multiple times a day), it is a miracle to me. We are FAR from pros, but it is a huge testimony to me of the power of the Lord. With him, all things are possible, and we can accomplish anything that he asks of us.
     -S. Cook and I had this opportunity to talk with this lady at the Post Office last week, who was curious about the missionaries just because the missionaries she always sees around are always smiling. I loved this conversation, and loved the fact that our smiles, and the smiles of all the missionaries, allow people to see that the Spirit is with us, and gives them a desire to know us better, and therefore know the Lord better. So I encourage you to smile more this week, especially when you don’t want to. It will bless your life and the life of others. I also learned a lot about how to be a better missionary from this conversation, and I am always happy to learn, so I am really grateful.
     -Proselitismo was really good! We had much less books to give out, but it was still an awesome experience. This guy started arguing with me but I didn’t even really notice and then he gave me a little trinket he was trying to sell. But that is just random, not really important. We ended up giving our last Book of Mormon to this lady that the Sisters of our district were talking to. They were having this good conversation, and right in the moment when they needed a Book of Mormon, we showed up. The sisters feel like it was an answer to prayers, which is really neat, because when you are trying to do good things and living righteously, you can trust that the Spirit will direct you. TRUST IN THAT! It does not have to be a big thing, and often isn’t!
In other news, these are my final days here at my home in the CTM. It only took me about 3 days to start calling the place where I have been sleeping, and my little family of “27A-ING” (for English) is something that I already cherish. They have all strengthened my testimony so much, and especially reminded me that the Lord calls us to the SPECIFIC places he needs us for our SPECIFIC talents and experiences. I am so excited for all the success of these awesome missionaries, and they will always hold a special place in my heart!!!
Alright, now for some things to make you giggle or smile or wish you lived in Brazil.
     -We have pizza night every Quarta (Wednesday) and last week we had pineapple and cinnamon desert pizza!!! OH MY SO GOOD! I love the fruit here but also the fruit on pizza was just so good! I am going to have to try this one day back in the estados unidos but im sure it will never be the same as here at the CTM.
     -Also, Brazil has the best little yogurt candies ever. Theres these coconut ones like almond joys but real almond. Really all of the bon-bons are good. Also, brigadeiros. (you can probably look it up and find one if you want to be a little jealous 🙂
     -I asked an Elder here who is from Cabo Verde to describe Brazil and pretty much all he could come up with was “è verde” – it´s green. Go figure!
     -The cars are all TINY here, and so are so many of the people. This makes me think of you especially, Rachel, but also all of the Chapples that I love so much. I love thinking of you guys. You all would love it here.
     -ALL the Brazilians sing “Hello” by Adele. It is the favorite song I guess since it’s so easy and random? But all the Brazilians that speak English pretty much have learned it from Netflix, video games, music, you name it. The stores all play english music which makes no sense to me but…who knows. Living in America is awesome.
     -One huge victory here at the CTM is that I can now get up when the alarm goes off! So to all my roomies and siblings and mom, I hope you are as proud of me as I am of myself! And my body wakes itself up often too! Maybe its because here on the mission I am getting more sleep than ever before in my life, or because I’m trying to follow the rules. I also can remember my dreams every single night which is a little alarming since they are always about home. My first week here, it was that I went home because I needed to get an ipod with church music, but don’t worry I was going back to Brazil the next day. Or sometimes its that I am at home getting married??? (idk) but then I realize I want to be on my mission. Or that my boy friends at home are hugging me and I can’t hug them back. I hope those made you chuckle as much as they did for my district.
(p.s. MARIAH I caught this really cute lizard here that was maybe 1.5 inches long! All I could think about is how you would be so proud of me. All the Elders thought I was pretty cool after that.)
THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THE PRAYERS! You all mean the world to me!!
Have faith, have hope, live like his son. Help others on their way.
Signing Out From São Paulo, With Love-
Your girl who still loves to eat beans and rice every day, Sister Chapple
p.s. My name is so fun here in Brazil, because its sort of like the word for hat, chapel, apple “maça”–ch-maça, or Sister Apple, you name it, everyone likes to use them all!

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