Iguatemi- First Area

Oííí! I am here in Riberão Preto, on my second day with my TRAINER, Sister Moura, who is from Rio de Janeiro! She is incredibly perfect for me, which is not too surprising since this is the Lords work, and he directs every minute of it. As you can probably imagine, she is incredibly energetic, and makes me smile all the time.

I love President and Sister Scholz! They could not be any more perfect! Again, this is the Lords work. My area is named Iguatemi, and it is right in the city of Ribeirão Preto. The city looks exactly like the pictures and is incredibly beautiful. It is much much smaller than the city of São Paulo, which is really exciting. Sister Moura and I have our own apartment, on the fourth floor. It is awesome! I am so excited to get to know this city.
When I arrived here, the President and his wife were waiting to pick up Sister Cunha and I, which was really cool, and they brought us to the mission home, where the APs were waiting for us. So we had some orientations and stuff and then we got to meet our trainers also there was  a HUGE FESTA for us there in the mission home with more sisters there to welcome them and they wanted us to guess our trainers and it was just so fun! And they sang ‘Called to Serve’, and we were being filmed, and everyone was making jokes and laughing so hard and especially President. He is so fun, and inspired, and I cant wait to get to know him even more. We walked down to their house and had burritos for dinner which was INCREDIBLE since they do not really have tortillas here, but Sister Scholz had them! We were welcomed so warmly, and I am so grateful for that.
I loved my first interview with the President. He told me that it was easy to know who my trainer was supposed to be. It is funny, as we were taking pictures together right when we met (also Sister Moura made me this cute present with bon bons (candies) and a planner she decorated for me and everything — she is my FAVORITE) and then Sister Hawlkin, who works in the office, told us that together we were like Vanilla and Chocolate! President was laughing so much, all day. He is going to help us work hard and bring so many souls to Christ, but also absolutely LOVE this next year and a half of my life.
Life here in Riberão Preto is good. My Português is feeling way less good, but Sister Moura is going to help me a ton! People will sometimes tell her that she looks like shes from Africa, not Brazil, and since she was impressed with my portuguese on day one she always tells me to tell people that I’m from the South of Brazil, Curtitiba, since many more Brazilians there are light skinned. I hope that makes you smile, because it sure does make us smile haha. 🙂
I am so glad that this is the Lords work, because without him, I could do nothing. We are so blessed to have this gospel again on the Earth. I am blessed to be able to experience a piece of the Gift of Tongues, and I know that I will continue to grow in this way, with the Lord.
This is not easy work, but neither is Salvation. There is a really good video by Jeffery Holland that you should watch that talks about that, and it will remind you of the importance of sharing this gospel. It is called Missionary work and the Atonement.
I love my Savior. I love Riberão Preto. I love this gospel.
Have Faith, Have Hope, Live Like his son, Help others on their way.
XOXO.  Love, your Brazilian, – Sister Chapple

Ribeirao Preto, Brazil



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