A luz em suas olhos

Oì from an internet café aqui em Riberão Preto!
I have almost been out in the field for one week now! Woah! My testimony has grown so much this week, and will continue to keep growing, along with my love for the people here in Brazil, and more importantly, my love for the Savior. As I spend my time thinking of him and yearning to share this gospel with others, I am continually touched by his love and our opportunity to return to live with him, our Father in heaven, and our families forever! How great is this work!
This week has been way different than any other week in my life, which is to be expected. But it has been really good. Sister Moura is an angel, and I am so grateful for her every day! She is teaching me so much, and inspiring me with love!  I am greatful to have Sister Moura as my companion. She will be one of my friends for the rest of my life!  I cant wait to keep working along side her, and learning about how the gospel can really impact others. We have been having lots of fun together too! Here are a few fun things about Brazil.
Everyone has gates in front of their house, we just walk right down the middle of the street most of the time, you have to lock the door to your house from the inside of the house, and lots of things are way different. I love it!
Something really neat this week was that during our first lesson together on the restoration. It was with Angela and William. Sister Moura is really good.  I apologized for if my Portuguese was hard to understand, but our investigator said the coolest thing. She told me that not to worry about it, because she could see it in my eyes. That’s how testimonies are. I KNOW that we don’t need to have a perfect knowledge, but when we open our mouths to share about our Savior, He will help carry our testimonies to the hearts of the people. I AM SO GREATFUL FOR THIS PROMISE!!!
This week our recent converso João received the Aaronic priesthood and we got to watch him get ordained. It was really neat. I didn’t know Rosangela e João before, but S. Moura tells me that the gospel has, and is, changing their lives. This gospel is incredible! We have had two lessons with them, and also spent one of our dinner hours at their house. It is cool to have this experience with them the first week so that I can see the fullness of the gospel accepted, and lived. I am so lucky to have this opportunity to share the gospel with more people!
Speaking of dinner, whenever we show up to a members house for anything, even to use the bathroom or get water or anything, we can´t leave without food. We are so lucky here, and so loved. The big meal here is lunch, and we are so spoiled. The phrase we hear most often is sister, eat more. ALWAYS. Its so fun to put a little on your plate the first time because you know you’ll get more haha.
Also, I need to tell you about Vitinho. He is the cutest boy ever, who we are teaching. I’m not sure if my account of this story is true, since my whole life here is in Portuguese, but He pretty much lives with a member of the ward, because he would always walk down the street to visit her house, and his parents are chill with him just sort of living with her, so she invited him to church one Sunday, and he has come with her ever since. He is turning 8 on 01 September, and since his family are not members, we get to teach him before he is baptized. He thinks my accent is pretty funny so I hope he can understand what I’m trying to teach him. But our first lesson with him was so beautiful! He asked all the best questions and is so excited, and I just cant wait. I am so greatful to my Heavenly Father for blessing me with this experience! He is practically more excited to serve a misison in the USA than to get baptized. I hope he gets to serve in our Tempe AZ mission. He is getting baptized on his birthday. 🙂
I can’t believe I almost forgot! I don’t know anything about the olympics here except that the little boy of Rosangela e Joao(recent converts) told me right away that the USA had already lost in soccer. He likes to give me a hard time about that. And I knew when Brazil was playing Germany, because in the very front room of everyones houses, they have TVs, and also the restaurants on the streets are all really open with TVs, and so for those 3 or 4 hours, the whole world rotated around that. Soccer is pretty much all people here care about here and I know the olympics are a bigger deal at home, which is really funny. But, we went to the bishops house Saturday night so I could meet him, but since the game was on, we had to wait. So after eating cake (of course) we said a prayer and went and knocked on the neighbors door, and it was awesome! The lord definately directed us to her, and we had an awesome lesson. Everyone here believes in God, it is incredible! The people here are so ready for the gospel. but, during our lesson, we heard a HUGE boom of fireworks and tons of cheering that totally interrupted the spirit, letting us know that Brazil scored a goal to break the tie. So we had to stop and talk about soccer for a second and get back on track. And it happened two more times! It was so funny but also really bad, you know?  So I guess that helped my lesson on the foundation of Christs church make more sense since it would have fallen much easier with these fireworks happening right outside the house, haha.
Here it seems like everyone does fireworks during the middle of the day and I always think their guns.  But im really glad that it’s not!!
I KNOW that this is the work of the Lord. I know because I feel him strengthening me every day. How grateful I am for this. This morning, as we were practicing teaching the Plan of Salvation, I was touched again by the love of Heavenly Father that he gave us this way to live again with him. We owe the Savior everything we have. This gospel is SO beautiful, and so is this opportunity to be a missionary!
Have Faith, Have Hope, Live Like his son, help others on their way,
XOXO, Love U all buckets and buckets!
Sister Chapple
P.S. Some other things about my life to make you smile: this week i taught S. Moura the word (awkward) since it doesn’t exist in Portuguese, I ate lots of good sorvete ( ice cream), had lots of cake, helped sister Moura make fruit salad, ate some random fruits I can’t tell you about from trees that we walked past, discovered that I actually like caju juice, ate this meal with (various partes do porko, or various parts of pig) and made lots more good memories. You should all come to Brazil, okay? I love you!!

Sarah and her companion, Sister Moura


View of Ribeirao Preto from her apartment


Sister Chapple and Sister Moura with Vitinho


We can’t believe she found small cacti even in her first area. She has a love of small cacti and gave everyone in our family a small cacti to remember her by when she was away at college and on her mission! The smile on her face says it all. Love this girl!


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