Meus Cincos Sonhos

Oí from Ribeirão Preto, you’re favorite Brazilian city in the world! This week was filled with moments where we  could see the Lord’s hand working in our lives.

      First things first, we have been so blessed by the Lord to have an opportunity to teach a child, Vitinho. HE IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS  THURSDAY— on his eighth birthday. It is the best feeling ever to see his testimony growing and help another one of Heavenly Fathers children take the first step in returning home to him. Vitinho has 5 dreams, and he is always talking to us about them- 1) Be baptized 2) Join scouts 3) Pass the sacrament 4) Join Young Mens and 5) Serve a mission, in the USA. I hope he gets called to the Tempe, AZ mission, the best mission in the world (after Ribeirão Preto of course 🙂 He is such a good example to us. He comes from a really hard home, but the light of the gospel shines so much in him, and I know he will do SUCH great things in the church. I will send you lots of pics next week of his baptism!
      This week, we taught him the law of chastity, and we had to teach it the same as we would to an adult. Before we even taught much of anything, he was SO COMPLETELY lost, but we got at least part of the message across. It was so funny that we had to teach that.
This week he told me that I must be really rich, since everyone in the USA is.  (NOT true) Also after our lesson on the word of wisdom, Sister Moura said to him “You’re so cute I just want to KISS you!”  but Vitinho said, you can’t, because my body is sacred.  I think he got the message from our lessons on the word of wisdom and chastity, haha!
     One specific moment this week when we saw the Lord directing our paths was when we brought a Sister from the ward to our lesson with Angela and her family. We are praying so much for her and her family to receive answers about the gospel, and Sister Isa was the perfect person to bring to help fellowship this family. When I hear members bear SPECIFIC testimonies about the gospel, it touches me so much, and it is impossible not to feel the spirit. That’s how it was with Irma Isa. The cool thing about it was that we had originally asked her to come to our lesson with Angela, but changed our plans two times before re-deciding to visit Angela. This is the Lords work, and the strength and direction he gives us everyday are testimonies of that.
      This week we had the opportunity to do lots of FINDING, and we have lots of lessons marked this week. The Lord is always preparing his children for the gospel. It us up to us to find them and then open our mouths to share this gift.
      I have taken lots of  strength this week from prayer. We have this incredible opportunity here to talk with our Father in Heaven, and that is something that we don’t take advantage of like we could. I know that this is true for me. But, this week, I have learned to lean on prayer a little more, and have been so grateful for this gift.
I am so grateful for Sister Moura and her love for the gospel! She teaches me more everyday, and I have learned a lot from her about prayer. I am so grateful to the Lord for putting her in my life here in the mission.
      It is cool here in the mission how everyone wears pants!  Who would have ever thought that this would happen? Even the mission Presidents wife wears pants. Also, as a side note, I have already started working on my Chaco tan line (my favorite sandals), not that it matters, but maybe that will make you smile.
      We also had a really difficult experience this week with our investigator Branca. We had a really spiritual lesson, and she is so ready for the gospel. But she saw somethings about the church and is really confused, and things ended up crashing really hard. We will keep praying for her, and praying for us to see that the Lord is all around us. The hard thing is that Satan is always trying to destroy this work, because he KNOWS how valuable it is. But, as Sister Moura reminded me this week, there are more of the Lords angels around us than the forces of the adversary (2 Kings 6:16). How true this is. The Lord is always at our side to help us! 
      Today, all of the Sisters here in the city are going to Presidents house for lunch. I think we are having burritos again (a miracle since it’s hard to find tortillas here).  I love them so much!  It feels like they are my other parents or something!
      I love you all! Smile so much this week for me today, okay?
      Have faith, have hope, live like his son, help others on their way.
      What does he ask? Live like his Son. I love you!! (cant say it enough right?)
           Sister Chapple
     p.s. This week I have started introducing myself as shAH-pull, to save probably 100 hours of me explaining over and over how to pronounce Chapple correctly haha. All is well, here in Ribeirão Preto!
     p.p.s. Here is a picture of a tiny bible a bought, and more pictures of how everything here is sized wrong. (notice the AVOCADO is way bigger than the banana, and I guess this is a small avocado?)

Sarah with Vitinho


Sister Chapple and Sister Moura


Tiny Stream




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