Em cuando eu amo a missão

Alright, the first transfer of my mission is officially over, and Sister Moura and I get to stay together HERE IN IGUATEMI! Which is an answer to my prayers because we still have a lot of work to do here. I love the people here so much and am so happy to stay here and help our investigators prepare for baptism this transfer!

      We are planning a huge baptism (party) on October 22 because have 4 investigators preparing to be baptized that day- Marly, Fernando, Iara, and Rose!
We have the opportunity every day here as missionaries to see the Lord work miracles, which I  LOVE!
      This week, I want to tell you about Iara and Luis Fernando. Luis is a less active that was baptized when he was 8 years old, but then lost contact with the church almost completely. Luis works at the mall here as a security guard, and went up to Elder Hawkins, a senior missionary here, recognizing him as a missionary, and gave him his address so the missionaries could drop by, telling Elder Hawkins that he needs the Lord in his life now. And we are so excited to help them see how living the gospel will bless their lives. During our first visit with Iara and Luis Fernando, I could feel the spirit so strong and felt like they are specific people here in my mission that I am supposed to know. I feel so blessed for this opportunity to work with them. This week, we have had some incredible lessons with them. I love teaching others about the atonement of Jesus Christ, how it not only covers our sins, but can help us in any situation, through our guilt, worries, imperfections, EVERYTHING, AND how through it we can return home to live with Heavenly Father. I love how this life is our time to learn and grow and PROGRESS, and when we remember this, our hard times wont get easier, but we will get stronger, and wiser, with the help of the Lord. This is something S. Moura has helped me remember here.  Our sins and weaknesses do not define us. We can always change. We are helping Luis Fernando and Iara prepare for marriage so she can be baptized. This week we will meet her kids. She is SO READY FOR THE GOSPEL! After we taught her the plan of salvation, she went home and taught it to her kids. We are so lucky to have the knowledge that we are here to grow, and that death is not the end. She is a perfect example of how anyone can receive an answer as to the truthfulness of the book of mormon when they have a desire to really know, and act on their answer. I love her so much already, and love this opportunity to see Gods children a little more like he sees them, each day.
      I have thought of a good way to describe Sister Moura, and her excitement. She is the kind of girl who would like to live at the disco skating arena if she could!  I love her and her excitement and her love and her example.
      I am SO EXCITED FOR CONFERENCE (oh my goodness). S. Moura always reminds the people we are talking to of the importance of a prophet! Really, we can find answers to all of our problems in the words they say! Conference is where we will get all the help we need for the next 6 months of our lives. We are praying for our investigators to receive force (strength) this conference in the words of the prophets!  And this is something we ALL NEED! We are having a marathon of conference preparation for Marli and Fernando, and it has been awesome to listen to a few talks, and remember how blessed we are. So please, please, please watch conference this weekend and remember how much the Lord loves you, and that the prophets are speaking to you!  I wish I had more time to write, but I have to go now!
       Have Faith Have hope, live like his son, help others on their way. What does he ask? Live like his son!
       Love, your happy daughter/sister/cousin/friend,
       Sister Chapple

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