Onde Fé Mora

Translation- Where Faith Lives    

BOM DIA!!! Happy P-day everyone! I hope that everyone has been having a good month of October (my favorite month) and that everyone has fun Halloween plans. Halloween here is not a thing, but the kids in school know about it sort-of but it’s a thing of the United States mostly, or at least that’s what I’ve figured out here. Buuuttt, for everyone who knows how much I love to dress up, just imagine me there with you encouraging you to dress up for Halloween and I will imagine that I am celebrating Halloween too :))

      First things first, THIS WEEK ROSE WAS BAPTIZED! The Lord is blessing me with the ability to witness many miracles here in Iguatemi, and everything about Rose (pronounced ho-see) is incredible. It is so easy to see how the Lord is changing her life. She has an INCREDIBLE amount of FAITH! She moved to be baptized, and was baptized on Saturday. It was BEAUTIFUL to see how happy she was. And, I got to give a little talk at her baptism. What I shared is that while baptism is essential, maybe even more important is what comes afterwards. When we (endure to the end) by using the atonement and remembering the Savior like we should, we will find real joy. If we are not happy, maybe we need to change something about how we are enduring with the Savior, and enduring with the gospel. Sister Moura and I, and Siters Ferreira and Gonçalves, sang Where Can I Turn for Peace. We can all really turn to the Savior, all of the time.
      Sister Moura is almost officially back at home now. I am so grateful to her and grateful to the Lord for giving me the chance to know her. She helped me so much by teaching me that the mission is happiness. Even more, the GOSPEL is happiness. So, again, if we are not feeling happy, we should change something about the way we act, to FIND happiness in the Lord.
      I had the chance to do some divisions with Sister Gonçalves this week. She has 5 weeks in the mission now, so I was the senior companion.  It was awesome and hilarious, but it was awesome to learn from her because she has such an awesome testimony about the Savior. She is not staying in Iguatemi, which is sad, but it was awesome to live with her this week.
      My new companion is Sister Ayala from Paraguay! SHE IS AWESOME! And was in my zone this last transfer so I have already had a little time to get to know her! Also, Sister Dobson (who I worked with the other week- and  an American), and Sister Valdivia (from Chile) will be working in Iguatemi with us! Last Monday night,  Sister Moura, and the other Sisters and I had chance to divide the area and it was hard but good!
      I am SO HAPPY for the chance to be a missionary here in Brazil in Iguatemi! I miss you guys and love you but am glad to be here serving the Lord!  And he is teaching me, and strengthening me, so much!!!
      Have Faith have hope, live like his son, help Others on their way! What does he ask?             Live like his son!
Sister Chapple
Sarah and Sister Moura – Love these custom made aprons!
Roses’s baptism!

Tributo a Millena Chrystine Da Silva Moura- Pictures added

More pictures because I forgot to add them earlier and because Sarah loves Sister Moura sooooo very much!


Sarah and Sister Moura with Rose who is scheduled to get baptized this week.


Pictures with members.


More with Sister Moura


Sarah and Sister Moura with Elder Matthew Buckner, our good family friend from the Nauvoo Pageant 2010. Crazy she had to go clear to Brazil to meet up with him again 🙂


With Irma Nubia (left), a good friend who takes good care of the sister missionaries.


Sarah keeping the family Disney traditions alive. Only a Chapple/Turley could find Walt Disney Street in Brazil 😉


At a legit Brazilian BBQ eating chicken hearts and more.  Sister Moura loves them, Sarah is not so sure….


Tributo a Millena Chrystine Da Silva Moura

Translation- Tribute to Millena Chrystine Da Silva Moura

I am recognizing that I always write about the beginnings of stories here in the mission, but not the ends. So here goes to trying to close up some things that I started talking about.

Something the Lord is teaching me about here in the mission is AGENCY. All of our baptisms have fell through. Which, is really sad, because I know that the gospel can and will bless the people here so much, if they let it. I wish I had adequate time to write about all of our investigators, all of Gods children here that I am given the chance to know, but that will have to be for when I get home I guess.

Manoel and Adriana decided that their other church was good enough. We know that what they are missing by choosing something other than the Saviors Church is HUGE. They are missing the opportunity to seal their family, and to learn about who they REALLY are. Marly and Fernando are coming along, but need some more time. I am grateful for the love that I have for them, and the patience. Some investigators have dropped off the grid, some didn’t have real desire, and others have been impossible to contact. When it comes down to it, we can’t make decisions for other people (something obvious that is clear here in the mission).

      BUT, we are children of God, he loves us, and so he gave us this beautiful life, difficulties and all. Know that I am smiling right now writing this.
      The lord has blessed us with so much rain this week. I LOVE IT!
      As the transfer comes to a close, and I am almost done being trained (Woot!) something really sad is not only that I am leaving Sister Moura, my trainer, who has made a huge difference for me, but that she is leaving the mission for home. She is in so much pain, and needs to take care of her body, which means not walking so much like we do, especially in this area. So I wanted to take a minute and write a little about what she has taught me.
-She has taught me that THE MISSION IS HAPPINESS. Something I will always remember and strive to emulate.
-She has taught me that miracles can happen every day.
-She has taught me that prayer is really talking to our Heavenly Father, we need to treat it like that.
-She has taught me OPTIMISM. Wow, she loves everything and is optimistic about things I thought no one could be optimistic about.
-She has taught me about having a good time. The mission is laughter with her too. I will always remember when she pretended not to speak portuguese in a contact we did, and only spoke english, because the person was being rude about my poor portuguese (‘sorry my english is so attrocious…’ )
-She has taught me STRENGTH. I know that for her, and for everyone, leaving the mission is NOT EASY, and she wants to stay so much, but she is recognizing that this is not weakness, to follow the will of the Lord, and she has received answers and comfort from him that this is the right thing to do. She asked me this week if I thought we would cross paths again, and the thought of this possibly not happening again made me so sad.  So… thank goodness for skype :)))
      In other news, my area, Iguatemi,  is splitting into areas a and b (we are receiving more sisters) what an answer to prayers! So, I am 99 percent sure I will stay in the area, receive a new companion, and things will be pretty different with 2 more sisters. They are coming to our house tonight and moving in (party time, if you know what I mean… 🙂
      This week has been a week of so many laughs, and also of miracles.  Right as we are receiving more sisters, we are receiving more people in the areas far away from where we generally work that are ready to learn! This is incredible!
      ROSE WILL BE BAPTIZED THIS WEEK! She is incredible and the experiences and desire she has to follow the Lord, and sacrifice but trust in him, is incredible.  I want to be more like her in this, and know that he is always looking for opportunities to bless me!  I am so grateful to the Lord for all I have and all I am!
      Have Faith, Have Hope, Live like his Son, Help others on their way.
      What does he ask?
      -Live like his son.
      Love, Sister Chapple.
P.S. Did I ever tell you that Sister Moura and I are chocolate and vanilla??
P.S.S. Today I ate a chicken heart…and I don’t recommend it!

Eu quero ser como Élder Chapple

interpretation- I want to be like Elder Chapple

“And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up.” (D&C 84:88)

     This week I had the opportunity to remember the truth of this scripture. Something about spiritual experiences is that they come to us when we are looking for them, doing the right things, and being in a place where the spirit can speak to us.
     There are missionaries here and also on the other side of the veil, teaching those who have passed on. And my dad is there. This week, I was grateful for the presence of angels from the other side, and the work that my dad is doing.
     It wasn’t a huge experience that made me grateful for this, but the knowledge that as missionaries and disciples of Chirst, when we teach of him, and invite others unto him, we have the opportunity to have angels with us.
     I am grateful for a Heavenly Father who loves me, and for my savior Jesus Christ.
I am really short on time, but Sister Moura was able to start walking this week. She still has a lot of pain, and to make a long story short, I don’t trust the doctor here at all , but it has been great to have my comp back.
     This week with our investigators was a little bit crazy…. While the Lord is in this work, so is the adversary, working to keep us from the truth. But, there are more with us than with them, like my favorite bible story in 2 Kings 16. For this I am grateful.
     Also, this week, I DREAMT IN PORTUGUESE,  also I tried to pray out loud in inglês and failed miserably. Sorry I don’t have more time! Love you all!
Have Faith, Have Hope, Live like his son, Help others on their way.
What does he ask? Live like his son!
– Sister Chapple

With Herma Nubia in the rain!



With Herma Moura and Vithino



“Brazilian Plaza”

Tendes enfermos entre vos? Trazei-os aqui e eu os curarei-

Interpretation- Have ye any that are sick? Bring them here, he will heal them.

      The Lord is always there, waiting to heal us. This week I had many opportunities to think about weakness, and how the Lord can strengthen and heal us. I was reading in 2 Nephi at the same time that Sister Moura and I started talking about weakness. 2 Nephi talks about the Plan of Salvation, and I had the opportunity to learn a little more about the Fall of Adam and Eve. I believe that the Lord doesn’t expect us to always be strong, but that instead he expects us to always move forward, trust in him, and work to improve. That’s why he gave us our Savior Jesus Christ. I was reflecting on verse 4, and I can see that weaknesses are part of the plan of the Lord for us because they allow us to come unto him. I believe that Eve, while she knew that eating the fruit was necessary, was sad to do so, and felt incredibly week. I love to remember Ether 12 27, that the lord gave us weaknesses in order for us to come unto and rely on him. That is why prayer is so important. That is why we have the opportunity to bear our soul out to the lord, and he listens, and will help us.  So my invitation to you guys this week is to rely more on prayer, and search for how you can let the Savior help you more this week. The atonement was completed not only for us to return, but for us to use here and now too!
     I have attached a few pictures from my birthday. Now that I am 20 I feel like I’m almost 29! I never thought I would turn this old. The coolest thing about being 20 is that I will spend the entire year here in the mission! I attached a picture of Vitinho and I. He guessed that I was turning 30 (haha)… good thing he is cute, (and innocent) right? That is why he is holding up 20, and I am holding up 30.
      I should probably not share so much about how here in the mission more and more I am recognizing my own weaknesses. But it is good, because at the same time, I am working to recognize how the lord can strengthen me! This week I was blessed with answers to my prayers in a specific ways. I know that when we wait on the Lord, he will come through.
      I am grateful for my testimony, and how it has grown through all the simple things. Sometimes I want a huge experience to share of the moment in my childhood when I knew that it was true, but I am thankful for heavenly father for blessing me with always having a testimony of it.
      This week was awesome. Sister Moura and I went to Walmart, made chocolate chip cookies, and had an awesome contacting experience, where she pretended she only spoke english and we almost died laughing. She has not been able to walk this week, because the doctor told her not to, so I spent the week working with other sisters. I am so grateful for Moura and all she has taught me.
      This week I did that whole stand up in the bus and publicly make a bold invitation and share pass along cards with everyone thing, twice in one day! It was awesome, and is always awesome to be bold as a missionary like that (and overcome my fears)!
      I ate lots of sugar on my birthday, cake and surprise cake and all sorts of things and this week. We are preparing Adriana to be baptized on Saturday! We will be praying all week that everything will be perfect for her baptism and for her to be ready!
      Irmao Neto brought us like 12 pounds of food so don’t worry about me going hungry this week either, or this month for that fact.
      I have some awesome videos of some maritakas (birds) laughing- parrots? idk. but they are too big to send. I wish I had more time to write! I love you all!!
Have faith, have hope, live like his son, help others on their way.
      What does he ask? Live like his son!
      Love, Sister Chapple (who’s not a teenager anymore…opa)
Sister Moura surprised me with a mini b-day party at one of our meetings that day!
Another surprise b-day cake from some members.
Sweet innocent Vitinho!
Not sure about these berries???
In front of our church building.

Como somos sortudas, amadas


One of the many ways that I know Heavenly Father knows and loves me is the opportunity I had this weekend to watch general conference, feel of his love, and have specific answers to all of my questions. It was the best thing ever, and the words spoken, revelation received, and spirit and love of heavenly father that I feel there will continue to bless me here in the mission and at home too. I am grateful for the love of the Lord.

      For two of the sessions, I got to watch in english. There were 4 american missionaries that were watching it in the same stake center, so we had our own little room. Elder Wyatt even had a huge bag of Hi-Chews, and it felt just like being home again. It was cool to see 6 or 7 missionaries I know singing in the missionary choir, especially Sister Patrica Miller, who is going to the Cabo Verde Mission. Watching them sing made me remember how special of an experience it is to be a missionary.  I will say it again, I’m SO lucky, and SO loved. I felt especially blessed during conference for the gift of music that heavenly father has given us. All of the songs were so perfect, and touched me in special ways. I have such a special place in my heart for music, and miss being able to sing here like I always do at home. I guess I´ll just have to start singing in the shower, ha ha 🙂
      I specifically loved the talks about the difference that the book of mormon can make in our lives. I know that we can feel the love of god and find strength as we read it.  Something I started to do this week is to study with the manual that the church has. If you have a hard time relating to the book of mormon, I challenge you to do this. I also loved the talks about prayer, and how pouring our our heart in prayer and conversation with our heavenly father can make a difference. Before we have room to complain or recognize how hard things are for us, we should always look up first, and lean on heavenly father and the savior.
      The lord is honestly doing wonders here in Iguatemi. We are currently preparing 8 people for baptism (7 on the same day)!!  #WatersOfMormon  This week, we have to work hard to be able to do all that we can to work towards making this happen. Ultimatley, it is up to these people individually, but we have a big responsibility in this. It is comforting to know that with the Lord, anything and everything is possible.
      I don’t think I have shared yet how HUGE my area here is. We have a piece of Riberao Preto that is fairly good sized, and 3 other cities (Serrana, Cravinhos, and Serra Azul).  I am almost positive that next transfer we are going to receive another companionship of sisters to work in our area!  We us the buses a fair amount, but also walk a lot. I actually love walking so it’s great (shout out to grandma Chapple for all the conditioning- ha,ha) but honestly I think one day this week Sister Moura and I walked for a total of 4 hours! and…. as a result of this…  Sister Moura is having a lot of problems with her knees. She has a problem in her patellar tendon, and the doctor told her to stop walking for 8 days. President Sholz told her that if this rest doesn’t help, and they have to do a mini surgery, she will have to go home, so she is taking it easy this week. Thankfully, our zone and our district love us (ha ha I guess they have to 😉 )and they are  sacrificing this week to come work in our area to help us make our goals and teach our investigators. Which means that I get to go on some divisions this week! I will let you how it goes. Please keep Sister Moura in yours prayers, pray that her knees will heal and that she wont have to go home for surgery and that we will still be able to make our goals and teach our investigators.
      This week was full of miracles, again. Sister Moura and I have been preparing (to have a transfer of miracles) and we are working to eliminate the things that keep us from feeling the spirit always. In this, I am so grateful for the Savior and his atonement. I know that because of him, we can find real joy in this life. We can be clean of our sins, our shortcomings, our weaknesses, and grow everyday. We can come to know how much we are loved. We can know that when we are doing our part, the Lord is so pleased with us. I am so grateful for such an incredible example and older brother.  I am grateful for investigators receiving answers to their prayers, for the knowledge that I am a member of His church, for his power on the earth today and for prophets.  I love all of you! Thank you to everyone who has already showered me with birthday cards. I am saving them for my bday to have a little party. I cant believe I am so lucky to have all of you!
          Have faith, have hope, live like his son, help others on their way.
          What does he ask? – Live like his son!
          Love, Sister Chapple