Como somos sortudas, amadas


One of the many ways that I know Heavenly Father knows and loves me is the opportunity I had this weekend to watch general conference, feel of his love, and have specific answers to all of my questions. It was the best thing ever, and the words spoken, revelation received, and spirit and love of heavenly father that I feel there will continue to bless me here in the mission and at home too. I am grateful for the love of the Lord.

      For two of the sessions, I got to watch in english. There were 4 american missionaries that were watching it in the same stake center, so we had our own little room. Elder Wyatt even had a huge bag of Hi-Chews, and it felt just like being home again. It was cool to see 6 or 7 missionaries I know singing in the missionary choir, especially Sister Patrica Miller, who is going to the Cabo Verde Mission. Watching them sing made me remember how special of an experience it is to be a missionary.  I will say it again, I’m SO lucky, and SO loved. I felt especially blessed during conference for the gift of music that heavenly father has given us. All of the songs were so perfect, and touched me in special ways. I have such a special place in my heart for music, and miss being able to sing here like I always do at home. I guess I´ll just have to start singing in the shower, ha ha 🙂
      I specifically loved the talks about the difference that the book of mormon can make in our lives. I know that we can feel the love of god and find strength as we read it.  Something I started to do this week is to study with the manual that the church has. If you have a hard time relating to the book of mormon, I challenge you to do this. I also loved the talks about prayer, and how pouring our our heart in prayer and conversation with our heavenly father can make a difference. Before we have room to complain or recognize how hard things are for us, we should always look up first, and lean on heavenly father and the savior.
      The lord is honestly doing wonders here in Iguatemi. We are currently preparing 8 people for baptism (7 on the same day)!!  #WatersOfMormon  This week, we have to work hard to be able to do all that we can to work towards making this happen. Ultimatley, it is up to these people individually, but we have a big responsibility in this. It is comforting to know that with the Lord, anything and everything is possible.
      I don’t think I have shared yet how HUGE my area here is. We have a piece of Riberao Preto that is fairly good sized, and 3 other cities (Serrana, Cravinhos, and Serra Azul).  I am almost positive that next transfer we are going to receive another companionship of sisters to work in our area!  We us the buses a fair amount, but also walk a lot. I actually love walking so it’s great (shout out to grandma Chapple for all the conditioning- ha,ha) but honestly I think one day this week Sister Moura and I walked for a total of 4 hours! and…. as a result of this…  Sister Moura is having a lot of problems with her knees. She has a problem in her patellar tendon, and the doctor told her to stop walking for 8 days. President Sholz told her that if this rest doesn’t help, and they have to do a mini surgery, she will have to go home, so she is taking it easy this week. Thankfully, our zone and our district love us (ha ha I guess they have to 😉 )and they are  sacrificing this week to come work in our area to help us make our goals and teach our investigators. Which means that I get to go on some divisions this week! I will let you how it goes. Please keep Sister Moura in yours prayers, pray that her knees will heal and that she wont have to go home for surgery and that we will still be able to make our goals and teach our investigators.
      This week was full of miracles, again. Sister Moura and I have been preparing (to have a transfer of miracles) and we are working to eliminate the things that keep us from feeling the spirit always. In this, I am so grateful for the Savior and his atonement. I know that because of him, we can find real joy in this life. We can be clean of our sins, our shortcomings, our weaknesses, and grow everyday. We can come to know how much we are loved. We can know that when we are doing our part, the Lord is so pleased with us. I am so grateful for such an incredible example and older brother.  I am grateful for investigators receiving answers to their prayers, for the knowledge that I am a member of His church, for his power on the earth today and for prophets.  I love all of you! Thank you to everyone who has already showered me with birthday cards. I am saving them for my bday to have a little party. I cant believe I am so lucky to have all of you!
          Have faith, have hope, live like his son, help others on their way.
          What does he ask? – Live like his son!
          Love, Sister Chapple



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