Tendes enfermos entre vos? Trazei-os aqui e eu os curarei-

Interpretation- Have ye any that are sick? Bring them here, he will heal them.

      The Lord is always there, waiting to heal us. This week I had many opportunities to think about weakness, and how the Lord can strengthen and heal us. I was reading in 2 Nephi at the same time that Sister Moura and I started talking about weakness. 2 Nephi talks about the Plan of Salvation, and I had the opportunity to learn a little more about the Fall of Adam and Eve. I believe that the Lord doesn’t expect us to always be strong, but that instead he expects us to always move forward, trust in him, and work to improve. That’s why he gave us our Savior Jesus Christ. I was reflecting on verse 4, and I can see that weaknesses are part of the plan of the Lord for us because they allow us to come unto him. I believe that Eve, while she knew that eating the fruit was necessary, was sad to do so, and felt incredibly week. I love to remember Ether 12 27, that the lord gave us weaknesses in order for us to come unto and rely on him. That is why prayer is so important. That is why we have the opportunity to bear our soul out to the lord, and he listens, and will help us.  So my invitation to you guys this week is to rely more on prayer, and search for how you can let the Savior help you more this week. The atonement was completed not only for us to return, but for us to use here and now too!
     I have attached a few pictures from my birthday. Now that I am 20 I feel like I’m almost 29! I never thought I would turn this old. The coolest thing about being 20 is that I will spend the entire year here in the mission! I attached a picture of Vitinho and I. He guessed that I was turning 30 (haha)… good thing he is cute, (and innocent) right? That is why he is holding up 20, and I am holding up 30.
      I should probably not share so much about how here in the mission more and more I am recognizing my own weaknesses. But it is good, because at the same time, I am working to recognize how the lord can strengthen me! This week I was blessed with answers to my prayers in a specific ways. I know that when we wait on the Lord, he will come through.
      I am grateful for my testimony, and how it has grown through all the simple things. Sometimes I want a huge experience to share of the moment in my childhood when I knew that it was true, but I am thankful for heavenly father for blessing me with always having a testimony of it.
      This week was awesome. Sister Moura and I went to Walmart, made chocolate chip cookies, and had an awesome contacting experience, where she pretended she only spoke english and we almost died laughing. She has not been able to walk this week, because the doctor told her not to, so I spent the week working with other sisters. I am so grateful for Moura and all she has taught me.
      This week I did that whole stand up in the bus and publicly make a bold invitation and share pass along cards with everyone thing, twice in one day! It was awesome, and is always awesome to be bold as a missionary like that (and overcome my fears)!
      I ate lots of sugar on my birthday, cake and surprise cake and all sorts of things and this week. We are preparing Adriana to be baptized on Saturday! We will be praying all week that everything will be perfect for her baptism and for her to be ready!
      Irmao Neto brought us like 12 pounds of food so don’t worry about me going hungry this week either, or this month for that fact.
      I have some awesome videos of some maritakas (birds) laughing- parrots? idk. but they are too big to send. I wish I had more time to write! I love you all!!
Have faith, have hope, live like his son, help others on their way.
      What does he ask? Live like his son!
      Love, Sister Chapple (who’s not a teenager anymore…opa)
Sister Moura surprised me with a mini b-day party at one of our meetings that day!
Another surprise b-day cake from some members.
Sweet innocent Vitinho!
Not sure about these berries???
In front of our church building.

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