Tributo a Millena Chrystine Da Silva Moura

Translation- Tribute to Millena Chrystine Da Silva Moura

I am recognizing that I always write about the beginnings of stories here in the mission, but not the ends. So here goes to trying to close up some things that I started talking about.

Something the Lord is teaching me about here in the mission is AGENCY. All of our baptisms have fell through. Which, is really sad, because I know that the gospel can and will bless the people here so much, if they let it. I wish I had adequate time to write about all of our investigators, all of Gods children here that I am given the chance to know, but that will have to be for when I get home I guess.

Manoel and Adriana decided that their other church was good enough. We know that what they are missing by choosing something other than the Saviors Church is HUGE. They are missing the opportunity to seal their family, and to learn about who they REALLY are. Marly and Fernando are coming along, but need some more time. I am grateful for the love that I have for them, and the patience. Some investigators have dropped off the grid, some didn’t have real desire, and others have been impossible to contact. When it comes down to it, we can’t make decisions for other people (something obvious that is clear here in the mission).

      BUT, we are children of God, he loves us, and so he gave us this beautiful life, difficulties and all. Know that I am smiling right now writing this.
      The lord has blessed us with so much rain this week. I LOVE IT!
      As the transfer comes to a close, and I am almost done being trained (Woot!) something really sad is not only that I am leaving Sister Moura, my trainer, who has made a huge difference for me, but that she is leaving the mission for home. She is in so much pain, and needs to take care of her body, which means not walking so much like we do, especially in this area. So I wanted to take a minute and write a little about what she has taught me.
-She has taught me that THE MISSION IS HAPPINESS. Something I will always remember and strive to emulate.
-She has taught me that miracles can happen every day.
-She has taught me that prayer is really talking to our Heavenly Father, we need to treat it like that.
-She has taught me OPTIMISM. Wow, she loves everything and is optimistic about things I thought no one could be optimistic about.
-She has taught me about having a good time. The mission is laughter with her too. I will always remember when she pretended not to speak portuguese in a contact we did, and only spoke english, because the person was being rude about my poor portuguese (‘sorry my english is so attrocious…’ )
-She has taught me STRENGTH. I know that for her, and for everyone, leaving the mission is NOT EASY, and she wants to stay so much, but she is recognizing that this is not weakness, to follow the will of the Lord, and she has received answers and comfort from him that this is the right thing to do. She asked me this week if I thought we would cross paths again, and the thought of this possibly not happening again made me so sad.  So… thank goodness for skype :)))
      In other news, my area, Iguatemi,  is splitting into areas a and b (we are receiving more sisters) what an answer to prayers! So, I am 99 percent sure I will stay in the area, receive a new companion, and things will be pretty different with 2 more sisters. They are coming to our house tonight and moving in (party time, if you know what I mean… 🙂
      This week has been a week of so many laughs, and also of miracles.  Right as we are receiving more sisters, we are receiving more people in the areas far away from where we generally work that are ready to learn! This is incredible!
      ROSE WILL BE BAPTIZED THIS WEEK! She is incredible and the experiences and desire she has to follow the Lord, and sacrifice but trust in him, is incredible.  I want to be more like her in this, and know that he is always looking for opportunities to bless me!  I am so grateful to the Lord for all I have and all I am!
      Have Faith, Have Hope, Live like his Son, Help others on their way.
      What does he ask?
      -Live like his son.
      Love, Sister Chapple.
P.S. Did I ever tell you that Sister Moura and I are chocolate and vanilla??
P.S.S. Today I ate a chicken heart…and I don’t recommend it!

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