Onde Fé Mora

Translation- Where Faith Lives    

BOM DIA!!! Happy P-day everyone! I hope that everyone has been having a good month of October (my favorite month) and that everyone has fun Halloween plans. Halloween here is not a thing, but the kids in school know about it sort-of but it’s a thing of the United States mostly, or at least that’s what I’ve figured out here. Buuuttt, for everyone who knows how much I love to dress up, just imagine me there with you encouraging you to dress up for Halloween and I will imagine that I am celebrating Halloween too :))

      First things first, THIS WEEK ROSE WAS BAPTIZED! The Lord is blessing me with the ability to witness many miracles here in Iguatemi, and everything about Rose (pronounced ho-see) is incredible. It is so easy to see how the Lord is changing her life. She has an INCREDIBLE amount of FAITH! She moved to be baptized, and was baptized on Saturday. It was BEAUTIFUL to see how happy she was. And, I got to give a little talk at her baptism. What I shared is that while baptism is essential, maybe even more important is what comes afterwards. When we (endure to the end) by using the atonement and remembering the Savior like we should, we will find real joy. If we are not happy, maybe we need to change something about how we are enduring with the Savior, and enduring with the gospel. Sister Moura and I, and Siters Ferreira and Gonçalves, sang Where Can I Turn for Peace. We can all really turn to the Savior, all of the time.
      Sister Moura is almost officially back at home now. I am so grateful to her and grateful to the Lord for giving me the chance to know her. She helped me so much by teaching me that the mission is happiness. Even more, the GOSPEL is happiness. So, again, if we are not feeling happy, we should change something about the way we act, to FIND happiness in the Lord.
      I had the chance to do some divisions with Sister Gonçalves this week. She has 5 weeks in the mission now, so I was the senior companion.  It was awesome and hilarious, but it was awesome to learn from her because she has such an awesome testimony about the Savior. She is not staying in Iguatemi, which is sad, but it was awesome to live with her this week.
      My new companion is Sister Ayala from Paraguay! SHE IS AWESOME! And was in my zone this last transfer so I have already had a little time to get to know her! Also, Sister Dobson (who I worked with the other week- and  an American), and Sister Valdivia (from Chile) will be working in Iguatemi with us! Last Monday night,  Sister Moura, and the other Sisters and I had chance to divide the area and it was hard but good!
      I am SO HAPPY for the chance to be a missionary here in Brazil in Iguatemi! I miss you guys and love you but am glad to be here serving the Lord!  And he is teaching me, and strengthening me, so much!!!
      Have Faith have hope, live like his son, help Others on their way! What does he ask?             Live like his son!
Sister Chapple
Sarah and Sister Moura – Love these custom made aprons!
Roses’s baptism!

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