Missão : “Eu quero descer nas-aguas”

Translation– Mission: “I want to go down in the waters” (as in the waters of baptism),

which is the phrase that I have heard the most this past month, from Adão Ferreira Batista, whose dreams came true this Sunday, as he was baptized!!!!!!

These past three months have been a roller coaster of emotions and situations and conversations and everything with Adão, as he, with Rose (his ex-girlfriend and mother of 2 of his children) were my first official lesson here in the mission. So, I have known Adao for more than 3 months! And I have seen the Lord work miracles in his disposition, and his life (much more than I know or can recognize).

Although I have had so many feelings about this situation, after he passed his interview on Friday, I was filled with SO MUCH JOY! Elder Wyatt, our zone leader, who did the interview, said that he was SUPER-prepared. He loves the Lord so much, and through keeping the commandments, has been able to let the lord bless his life so much, and let him feel of the love that Heavenly Father has for him. This was an answer to prayers, feeling so good for him and knowing that he is making the right choice. And that he is working to let go of all his anger towards Rose, and whatever else. Seriously, this week with him has been awesome.

And he said that he felt SO GOOD, so light and clean after the baptism. And he said that receiving the gift of the holy ghost on Sunday felt like being baptized again, like he could feel the water above his head. But really what he was feeling was the gift of the holy ghost, baptism by fire! Now, we will keep working with him as a Recent Convert, helping him to continue following the Savior and receiving the blessings of the gospel. He even brought his nonmember friends to the baptism, and his his neighbors, who we are teaching now!

      I am so lucky to know the people here in Riberão Preto and see the Lord bless so many lives. Luciana came to his baptism too! She is so ready to accept the gospel and all of the blessings that Heavenly Father has for her! She shared with us how after we met with her how she is praying out loud without shame for the first time in her life. She is reading the book of mormon always, and even planned all week to bring it to her appointment with the doctor, because she knew the peace it would  bring her. And so she opened it up and read a page before she had an appointment, and it gave her peace, talking about the will of the Lord. And then when the doctor told her she would need surgery, but that it would all be okay, through the will of the Lord, she felt “I already know that it will be okay!” and felt peace, through the book of mormon. What an example to me of what the book of mormon can be for me every day of my life. So, she is having a surgery to remove a small tumor this week, which means she will not be able to be baptized this week, but that’s okay, because it will all work out. She has a beautiful desire to follow the Savior, and after Adão´s baptism, went up to him and complimented him for doing the right thing and told him that she knew he acted right. WHAT INVESTIGATOR DOES THAT? The Lord is and has been preparing her so much! Our new bishop has already been a huge blessing (he was  called last week)!

In other things of this week, this week our bedroom is without light or fan because it broke so it is hanging from the ceiling (it just happened), Thanksgiving and black Friday were incredibly-not-like-thanksgiving-and-black-Friday, (but were still awesome).  I had another AWESOME division with Sister Dobson, I HAVE BEEN DREAMING AND SLEEP TALKING IN PORTUGUESE! (3 times already of sleep talking which is funny and a HUGE blessing. Also, I guess every night I sit up and open the dresser with all my clothes and close it again and go to sleep (all while I am sleeping ), just to give you something funny to laugh at, ha ha!!

     This week  I got a primary children’s hymn book, and we started caroling at the door of peoples house Christmas songs, which was awesome (to do contacts).  And the primary program was this week, and when Zaquel, the son of Rosangela, our recent convert, shared article of faith number 8 memorized, it was so perfect and his mom cried. The gospel is changing their lives and blessing their family, just as it does to mine!
I am grateful for you all this week, to have such a great family, friends, and support. The Lord has blessed me immensely, more than I know!

I love the mission, and how the Lord is blessing me here. And I love all of you!

Enjoy the cold (which I am missing) and be happy!

      Have Faith have hope, live like his son, help others on their way!  What does he ask? Live like his son!
Sister Chapple


                                               Baptism of Adao




Sempre que alguém nos faz o bem

Translation- Whenever someone does us good

First of all, let me share something that Sister Bassett, wife of the member of the quorum of the 70, and area president here in Brazil, shared during our lunch. She told us that when they were mission presidents in Mesa, AZ, she always knew that the new missionaries arriving would adjust fine and didn’t worry too much because she had just said goodbye to the missionaries going home, who they had to DRAG ON THE PLANE  and who didn’t want to leave at all. She said that we would love the mission so much and be so sad to leave, and that is true, I am loving the mission more and more every week!

This week was full of so much joy, and Sister Ayala and I laughed harder this week than any week in the mission. The mission is so weird because you go around doing things that you’ve never done before, just entering every house you can, and you see/hear/experience some really hilarious things!

As opposed to last week, which rained every single day, this week was much drier, but also not scorching hot which is nice. Believe it or not, living in Arizona is much worse weather than living here as a missionary. Maybe the Lord is just blessing me and that’s not as true as I think.

      As for miracles of this week, I developed more of a testimony of the importance of obedience, and planning. It was already neat to be lead to teach Jennifer last week, but this week we found Luciana, when we had marked to visit Jennifer, but she was working, and right across the street we found Luciana. She has such a beautiful desire to follow the Savior. She even came to church this week!  I already feel so much of the love the Savior has for her! So, even though all of the plans we made last Monday fell through, the Lord totally blessed us, and like Preach my Gospel said, lead us to the people who need the gospel and are ready.
       Also, Adao came to church. HE has a baptismal date for Saturday!  I will hope and pray that it comes through but also that he really becomes converted! Because baptism without enduring to the end is missing out on a WHOLE LOT. He is pretty determined to be baptized.
      This week we had a joint lesson with our zone leaders because there is this confusion about who will teach a family on the border of our areas, because they live in the other area, but are only participating in our ward… in the end it was a really funny experience to teach WITH the elders.
      We received a reference this week for Maria, who we met the other week who let us in when it was raining a TON, and we got to know her and share a short message, but she wasn’t interested. But, she asked for a Book of Mormon on the church website thinking it would come in the mail, since she didn’t want the discussions. but we explained the Book of Mormon and how we have it as part of the restoration, and she has so many questions and desires to have faith like us. How grateful I am for heavenly father giving me this knowledge. I hope she invites us to come back.
      Sister Ayala and I have been having such a good time. She understands me like probably nobody else here in the mission does. She lost her mom at about the same time that I lost my dad, when she was 10 years old, and her mom died just one month before my dad died from a heart related problem as well. The Lord is so SO good to place us together at this time when we can work together and relate to each other so much. Seriously, the Lord blesses me so much and is so good.
      Lastly, here’s a b-day shout out to my mom, who I love SO MUCH and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have. She is the best. I hope you all thank your moms for everything they do for you!
      Have Faith have hope, live like his son, help others on their way!
      What does he ask? Live like his son!
      Sister Chapple
With Sister Ayala

…OPA…que diá legal ….

Translation- Wow…what a cool day….

If you want to feel the love that the Savior has for you, come unto him. That’s something I have had the opportunity to remember this week.

First of all, let’s start with Saturday.  I AM PROBABLY THE LUCKIEST PERSON EVER BECAUSE SATURDAY WAS ONE OF THE BEST DAYS EVER!  I was so happy all day long! We got to hear President and Sister Scholz talk, as well as Elder and Sister Renlund, and Elder and Sister Bassett (area presidency here in Brazil, and member of the 1st quorum of the 70).  And I sang “Consider the Lillies of the Field” for our special mission conference with them, which is a song that I absolutely LOVE. After I sang, and as I was going back to my seat, Elder Renlund stood up and told me to wait, and asked me to share what the song means to me, in one sentence. It means that the Savior loves us so much that no mater what we do, or how weak we are, or how many mistakes we make, we will not change the love he has for us. His love is INFINITE. We need to do everything we can to feel and know of this love.
Sister Ayala and I had fasted during the week to have our prayers answered and to have spiritual experiences this day to bless us during our entire lives. And I really did receive so many answers to prayers! Elder Renlund came with 3 messages-
1) Thank you, from the church, and the Savior, for serving.
2) You are called by revelation to serve in THIS mission. If you don’t have a testimony of this, pray, and the Lord will give you one.
3) President and Sister Scholz are called and ordained to serve in this mission too!
These points are true for any missionary. I felt so strongly the love of the prophets and the Savior and the Lord for us as he was speaking and I just had tears of joy running down my face. It was such an inspired meeting!
      Us 12 Sisters here in Ribeirao had the chance to go to the mission home that afternoon and talk with Sisters Renlund and Bassett, and ask questions and I received so many answers and so much strength there too (and the food was delicious as always, it was cheesecake and chocolate cake with strawberries and also lots of ice cream)! But as good as the food was the experience was WAY BETTER! Some things I learned are that we need to have faith not in our investigators but in the Lord. We need to stick to what we know. We will find answers to our prayers in the words of the prophets (both prophets in the scriptures, and the living prophets). The Lord has already prepared all the answers we need, we just need to find them. I COULD talk all day about this experience but I’ll tell you a little bit more about this week too 🙂
      I had another division with Sister Dobson this week, and we picked some mangoes. What I didn’t know is that when you pick a mango there is all this juice that squirts out of the top, its kinda fun! Also, we had a lesson with Luis Fernando’s mom, and it turns out that when we passed Iara´s address to the other sisters to teach, is they had a lot of success teaching her,  and Iara and Luis Fernando have another marriage date and baptism date set! THIS is a huge answer to prayers and a miracle for me! I will keep praying for them!
      This week I realized that we have callings to let us serve to give us love to become like the Savior. All that we do should be with a goal to become more like our older brother, and as we do this we will always be able to find joy.
This week Vitinho accompanied us in a lesson which was awesome since he just followed us around on his bike until we were able to enter the house of someone we had contacted earlier that week who gave us their address :), and we had a beautiful lesson with Jennifer! I am almost sure that I will be writing more about her later!
      I am loving Brazil and the mission and everything more and more every week and I am so happy for this opportunity the Lord is giving me to serve him!
      I love you all so much! I love the gospel, and I LOVE the Lord! HOW LUCKY WE ARE!
      Have Faith have hope, live like his son, help others on their way! What does he ask?-Live like his son!
      Sister Chapple
Sarah and her new companion, Sister Ayala
Sisters lunch with Sisters Scholz, Bassett and Renlund

dsc04318Just a walk in the rain!


Seu Dom

Translation- Your Gift


      For anyone who reads this and isn´t sure what that means, first, thanks for reading, and second of all, Dale G. Renlund is an apostle. What we believe and know as members of the Church of Jesus Christ is that we have literally the church of  our Savior Jesus Christ restored upon the earth today. Because when the Savior was here on earth, and he was a prophet, and he called 12 apostles, those men, and therefore the church, had his authority. The Lord loves us so much as his children, that he established this church again in the latter days (which is today). So, therefore, today, we have a living prophet, and 12 modern day apostles, to lead and guide us. Imagine Peter the apostle coming to talk to you and give you counsel in your life. That’s about how excited we are here!
     And, I get to do a special musical number when he comes to visit (which is the best blessing ever, and seriously a huge gift). Sister Scholz, my mission presidents wife, is playing the piano accompaniment for me, and after we practiced the first time, she said, Sister Chapple, this is your gift, and I just thought, yes this is a huge gift to have the opportunity to sing at this meeting with Elder Renlund, thank you, -but she was talking about my ability to sing. WHICH is ANOTHER thing that I have to thank the Lord for. He has blessed me much more than I recognize, and really, he blesses all of us, so much everyday. And when we recognize these blessings we will find happiness.
      SISTER AYALA, my new companion, is a HUGE  blessing. She has only 4 months left in the mission, and is from Paraguay. She has a little sister who just turned 12 (just like Mariah), and she is so loving, and good at sharing clothes:) I am learning SO MUCH FROM HER!
      We are teaching someone named Caio, and he is awesome. IT is so gratifying to be a missionary and share with others something that means so much to me and has changed and blessed my life so much. When we remember the plan of salvation, why we are here, and what we are preparing for, everything makes more sense. Especially as we remember our Savior Jesus Christ.
        Here in the mission I LOVE the scripture Jacob 2:8-
       And it supposeth me that they have come up hither to hear the pleasing word of God, yea, the word which healeth the wounded soul.
      The words of the Lord can heal our wounded souls. So, when we are hurt, weak, or wounded in ANY way, as we come unto Christ through the scriptures, through praying and feeling the spirit, through the words of the prophets and apostles, he will heal us.
      This week has been awesome because we have been walking the streets singing so many hymns. One that I had forgotten about that I love is the primary hymn, My Heavenly Father Loves Me, about how we should stop to smell the flowers and notice the beauty around us that heavenly father has given us. I promise you guys that if you slow down and take more time for the Lord, and make a concious effort to remember the beauty of the world, that you will find more happiness. The Lord invites us to come unto him and be healed, and this includes from being tired or worn out because of the little things. The Lord can heal you as much as you let him.
      I did a division with Sister Dobson this week because our companions are Sister Training Leaders, and they had a meeting, and Sister Dobson and I had a lesson with Marly and Fernando. I kept thinking about how the gospel can only change us and bless us as much as we let it. (So please, do a little more this week to remember the Savior, and you will be blessed, I promise!)
      We are teaching Adam, Rose´s boyfriend, and everything about teaching him, and this situation, and everything, is really crazy. When the story ends, I’ll have to tell you more about it!
      Know that I’m happy and that I am blessed! I love you all and will pray for you guys to have the courage this week to open your mouth and share the gospel, because you will find happiness in sharing what makes you happy. Or, if you arent that familiar with the Church of Christ, come to know it, and the Savior a little more, and I PROMISE that you will be blessed!
      Have Faith have hope, live like his son, help others on their way!
      What does he ask? Live like his son!
      Sister Chapple