Seu Dom

Translation- Your Gift


      For anyone who reads this and isn´t sure what that means, first, thanks for reading, and second of all, Dale G. Renlund is an apostle. What we believe and know as members of the Church of Jesus Christ is that we have literally the church of  our Savior Jesus Christ restored upon the earth today. Because when the Savior was here on earth, and he was a prophet, and he called 12 apostles, those men, and therefore the church, had his authority. The Lord loves us so much as his children, that he established this church again in the latter days (which is today). So, therefore, today, we have a living prophet, and 12 modern day apostles, to lead and guide us. Imagine Peter the apostle coming to talk to you and give you counsel in your life. That’s about how excited we are here!
     And, I get to do a special musical number when he comes to visit (which is the best blessing ever, and seriously a huge gift). Sister Scholz, my mission presidents wife, is playing the piano accompaniment for me, and after we practiced the first time, she said, Sister Chapple, this is your gift, and I just thought, yes this is a huge gift to have the opportunity to sing at this meeting with Elder Renlund, thank you, -but she was talking about my ability to sing. WHICH is ANOTHER thing that I have to thank the Lord for. He has blessed me much more than I recognize, and really, he blesses all of us, so much everyday. And when we recognize these blessings we will find happiness.
      SISTER AYALA, my new companion, is a HUGE  blessing. She has only 4 months left in the mission, and is from Paraguay. She has a little sister who just turned 12 (just like Mariah), and she is so loving, and good at sharing clothes:) I am learning SO MUCH FROM HER!
      We are teaching someone named Caio, and he is awesome. IT is so gratifying to be a missionary and share with others something that means so much to me and has changed and blessed my life so much. When we remember the plan of salvation, why we are here, and what we are preparing for, everything makes more sense. Especially as we remember our Savior Jesus Christ.
        Here in the mission I LOVE the scripture Jacob 2:8-
       And it supposeth me that they have come up hither to hear the pleasing word of God, yea, the word which healeth the wounded soul.
      The words of the Lord can heal our wounded souls. So, when we are hurt, weak, or wounded in ANY way, as we come unto Christ through the scriptures, through praying and feeling the spirit, through the words of the prophets and apostles, he will heal us.
      This week has been awesome because we have been walking the streets singing so many hymns. One that I had forgotten about that I love is the primary hymn, My Heavenly Father Loves Me, about how we should stop to smell the flowers and notice the beauty around us that heavenly father has given us. I promise you guys that if you slow down and take more time for the Lord, and make a concious effort to remember the beauty of the world, that you will find more happiness. The Lord invites us to come unto him and be healed, and this includes from being tired or worn out because of the little things. The Lord can heal you as much as you let him.
      I did a division with Sister Dobson this week because our companions are Sister Training Leaders, and they had a meeting, and Sister Dobson and I had a lesson with Marly and Fernando. I kept thinking about how the gospel can only change us and bless us as much as we let it. (So please, do a little more this week to remember the Savior, and you will be blessed, I promise!)
      We are teaching Adam, Rose´s boyfriend, and everything about teaching him, and this situation, and everything, is really crazy. When the story ends, I’ll have to tell you more about it!
      Know that I’m happy and that I am blessed! I love you all and will pray for you guys to have the courage this week to open your mouth and share the gospel, because you will find happiness in sharing what makes you happy. Or, if you arent that familiar with the Church of Christ, come to know it, and the Savior a little more, and I PROMISE that you will be blessed!
      Have Faith have hope, live like his son, help others on their way!
      What does he ask? Live like his son!
      Sister Chapple

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