Sempre que alguém nos faz o bem

Translation- Whenever someone does us good

First of all, let me share something that Sister Bassett, wife of the member of the quorum of the 70, and area president here in Brazil, shared during our lunch. She told us that when they were mission presidents in Mesa, AZ, she always knew that the new missionaries arriving would adjust fine and didn’t worry too much because she had just said goodbye to the missionaries going home, who they had to DRAG ON THE PLANE  and who didn’t want to leave at all. She said that we would love the mission so much and be so sad to leave, and that is true, I am loving the mission more and more every week!

This week was full of so much joy, and Sister Ayala and I laughed harder this week than any week in the mission. The mission is so weird because you go around doing things that you’ve never done before, just entering every house you can, and you see/hear/experience some really hilarious things!

As opposed to last week, which rained every single day, this week was much drier, but also not scorching hot which is nice. Believe it or not, living in Arizona is much worse weather than living here as a missionary. Maybe the Lord is just blessing me and that’s not as true as I think.

      As for miracles of this week, I developed more of a testimony of the importance of obedience, and planning. It was already neat to be lead to teach Jennifer last week, but this week we found Luciana, when we had marked to visit Jennifer, but she was working, and right across the street we found Luciana. She has such a beautiful desire to follow the Savior. She even came to church this week!  I already feel so much of the love the Savior has for her! So, even though all of the plans we made last Monday fell through, the Lord totally blessed us, and like Preach my Gospel said, lead us to the people who need the gospel and are ready.
       Also, Adao came to church. HE has a baptismal date for Saturday!  I will hope and pray that it comes through but also that he really becomes converted! Because baptism without enduring to the end is missing out on a WHOLE LOT. He is pretty determined to be baptized.
      This week we had a joint lesson with our zone leaders because there is this confusion about who will teach a family on the border of our areas, because they live in the other area, but are only participating in our ward… in the end it was a really funny experience to teach WITH the elders.
      We received a reference this week for Maria, who we met the other week who let us in when it was raining a TON, and we got to know her and share a short message, but she wasn’t interested. But, she asked for a Book of Mormon on the church website thinking it would come in the mail, since she didn’t want the discussions. but we explained the Book of Mormon and how we have it as part of the restoration, and she has so many questions and desires to have faith like us. How grateful I am for heavenly father giving me this knowledge. I hope she invites us to come back.
      Sister Ayala and I have been having such a good time. She understands me like probably nobody else here in the mission does. She lost her mom at about the same time that I lost my dad, when she was 10 years old, and her mom died just one month before my dad died from a heart related problem as well. The Lord is so SO good to place us together at this time when we can work together and relate to each other so much. Seriously, the Lord blesses me so much and is so good.
      Lastly, here’s a b-day shout out to my mom, who I love SO MUCH and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have. She is the best. I hope you all thank your moms for everything they do for you!
      Have Faith have hope, live like his son, help others on their way!
      What does he ask? Live like his son!
      Sister Chapple
With Sister Ayala

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