Missão : “Eu quero descer nas-aguas”

Translation– Mission: “I want to go down in the waters” (as in the waters of baptism),

which is the phrase that I have heard the most this past month, from Adão Ferreira Batista, whose dreams came true this Sunday, as he was baptized!!!!!!

These past three months have been a roller coaster of emotions and situations and conversations and everything with Adão, as he, with Rose (his ex-girlfriend and mother of 2 of his children) were my first official lesson here in the mission. So, I have known Adao for more than 3 months! And I have seen the Lord work miracles in his disposition, and his life (much more than I know or can recognize).

Although I have had so many feelings about this situation, after he passed his interview on Friday, I was filled with SO MUCH JOY! Elder Wyatt, our zone leader, who did the interview, said that he was SUPER-prepared. He loves the Lord so much, and through keeping the commandments, has been able to let the lord bless his life so much, and let him feel of the love that Heavenly Father has for him. This was an answer to prayers, feeling so good for him and knowing that he is making the right choice. And that he is working to let go of all his anger towards Rose, and whatever else. Seriously, this week with him has been awesome.

And he said that he felt SO GOOD, so light and clean after the baptism. And he said that receiving the gift of the holy ghost on Sunday felt like being baptized again, like he could feel the water above his head. But really what he was feeling was the gift of the holy ghost, baptism by fire! Now, we will keep working with him as a Recent Convert, helping him to continue following the Savior and receiving the blessings of the gospel. He even brought his nonmember friends to the baptism, and his his neighbors, who we are teaching now!

      I am so lucky to know the people here in Riberão Preto and see the Lord bless so many lives. Luciana came to his baptism too! She is so ready to accept the gospel and all of the blessings that Heavenly Father has for her! She shared with us how after we met with her how she is praying out loud without shame for the first time in her life. She is reading the book of mormon always, and even planned all week to bring it to her appointment with the doctor, because she knew the peace it would  bring her. And so she opened it up and read a page before she had an appointment, and it gave her peace, talking about the will of the Lord. And then when the doctor told her she would need surgery, but that it would all be okay, through the will of the Lord, she felt “I already know that it will be okay!” and felt peace, through the book of mormon. What an example to me of what the book of mormon can be for me every day of my life. So, she is having a surgery to remove a small tumor this week, which means she will not be able to be baptized this week, but that’s okay, because it will all work out. She has a beautiful desire to follow the Savior, and after Adão´s baptism, went up to him and complimented him for doing the right thing and told him that she knew he acted right. WHAT INVESTIGATOR DOES THAT? The Lord is and has been preparing her so much! Our new bishop has already been a huge blessing (he was  called last week)!

In other things of this week, this week our bedroom is without light or fan because it broke so it is hanging from the ceiling (it just happened), Thanksgiving and black Friday were incredibly-not-like-thanksgiving-and-black-Friday, (but were still awesome).  I had another AWESOME division with Sister Dobson, I HAVE BEEN DREAMING AND SLEEP TALKING IN PORTUGUESE! (3 times already of sleep talking which is funny and a HUGE blessing. Also, I guess every night I sit up and open the dresser with all my clothes and close it again and go to sleep (all while I am sleeping ), just to give you something funny to laugh at, ha ha!!

     This week  I got a primary children’s hymn book, and we started caroling at the door of peoples house Christmas songs, which was awesome (to do contacts).  And the primary program was this week, and when Zaquel, the son of Rosangela, our recent convert, shared article of faith number 8 memorized, it was so perfect and his mom cried. The gospel is changing their lives and blessing their family, just as it does to mine!
I am grateful for you all this week, to have such a great family, friends, and support. The Lord has blessed me immensely, more than I know!

I love the mission, and how the Lord is blessing me here. And I love all of you!

Enjoy the cold (which I am missing) and be happy!

      Have Faith have hope, live like his son, help others on their way!  What does he ask? Live like his son!
Sister Chapple


                                               Baptism of Adao




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