Algumas das (muitas ) Bençãos dala Iguatemi

Translation- Some of the (many) blessings of Iguatemi

First things first…. I WAS NOT TRANSFERRED!!!! WOOOTT!!! Which means that I will be staying here in Iguatemi for the next 7 weeks, until the end of January! And, to make things even better, I get to stay with Sister Ayala! Which is a HUGE BLESSING! And we get to spend Christmas together, and the new year too, and, to make things EVEN BETTER, this Saturday is THE BAPTISM OF LUCIANA! So, to sum things up, we are being so blessed here in Iguatemi!!!!

I sent a picture of Sister Ayala and I with Luciana at church this Sunday. She was so beautiful, and bought a new outfit just for church, and was more prepared for this conference than anyone else. We watched a broadcast from SLC for Brazil, with a few different general authorities that spoke. It was awesome to hear Elder Holland, and he even started and ended his talk in Portuguese (which was neat and also funny) but I learned so much from what he shared. He spoke about how we can make our homes like the temple, a sacred place where we can receive revelation, and always feel the spirit. Really, we can make our LIVES like this when we are doing the right things. He also spoke about tithing, how we always need to be paying diligently. For the first time I realized more strongly how some of the many blessings promised from tithing come literally in our opportunity to go to the temple!  I miss the temple SO MUCH here in the mission, and am grateful for how blessed I am, and the council from President Holland about how we can apply the blessings of the temple more and more in our lives each day.

I am extremely blessed during this conference. Since it was in our stake, I also got to see Rose. So there I was, with all of the people I have worked with here in Iguatemi, that have made the decision to let the gospel really bless their lives, who have been or will be baptized!  I sat with Rose at my side, and on the other side, was Luciana, and also, right there with Adão too.  And Ofcourse, Vitinho was there as well. SO, I AM SO SO BLESSED, AND HAPPY!
I sent home pictures from our family home evening Monday night with Luciana at Vitinho, Isabel, and Carlão’s house.  Vitinho made this art with play dough that says “the book of mormon”. I am so excited to see him grow up in the gospel. He is going to do GREAT things for the Lord.

Last of all, I know there are tons of things I am forgetting, but I want to share my testimony of the prophets. I have been studying the general conference talks, and I know that when we follow the words they say, we will be blessed. Because they are called of God and they do His will. And through them, the words of the Lord will heal our wounded souls.

I love you all and can’t wait to SKYPE ON CHRISTMAS!  And know that I will cry so much of happiness because I love you so much!  And congrats to Josh and MIranda. I will be sure to work so hard this Friday to not think too much of the wedding party I am missing out on.. but I sure do love you guys!

Have Faith have hope, live like his son, help others on their way!

What does he ask?     Live like his son!

Sister Chapple


With Rose and children




Book of Mormon written in portuguese and play dough by Vitinho!


Sister Ayala, Luiciana and Sister Chapple






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