Confiar nos planos do Senhor

Translation- Relying on the Lord’s plan

The mission is a huge opportunity to develop humility. I believe that this week in the mission has been one of the most humbling experiences that I have ever had. And I´m not really sure why, or how to explain, but the Lord is shaping me into the person that he wants me to be. And sometimes that means cutting me down first.

One of the miracles that happened this week is that Luciana’s husband, Batista (whose name is actually John Batista) is starting to me more of our friend. Which seems like a strange miracle, but we are praying for him to come to want to know the gospel.  So, without explaining everything, he is starting to like us more, and that is a miracle.

We are having a super hard time finding people to teach right now, and have also had to stop teaching a lot of people this week who are not progressing. And that´s been hard, but what´s comforting is to know that the Lord is PREPARING his children for the gospel, as he prepared Luciana. And that is what matters. That is why we are here, doing our best to be the servants that the Lord needs here, right now.  And that´s how it will always be with the Lord, he will test us and try us and stretch us and help us grow into what he wants us to be.

So, I am learning more patience and perseverance,  more love for my companion, more about the scriptures, and more trust in the Lord.

This week Erika stopped progressing. I never even got to sharing what a miracle it was that the Lord led us to her when he did. She was an answer to our prayers, and we planted seeds for her that will help her to accept the restored gospel one day.

Other than that, Luciana is inspiring me more and more every week with her incredible faith and love for the gospel, and as she says, learning more and more every day.  We had lunch at her house for the first time of many for the missionaries here  in Iguatemi. I already planned my last lunch in the mission to be here.

It’s a relief here in the mission that all of the “festas” are over now,  because it means that almost everyone is returning back home. And there were 126 people in our ward this Sunday instead of 46 like there were for Christmas. Included in the millions of the people that traveled were Vitinho, and Rosângela e João (who I missed so much- all of them).

I think that to be a missionary is a bigger blessing for me than it is for the people here. I am always working to enjoy every single second of my mission and not let it pass by with any regrets. I know that the Lord will place in my path people prepared to receive the gospel, and bless our efforts, and for this, get excited for an email next week about the Lord´s elites (that’s not english but cant remember that word in english anymore) and how he will bless us incredibly this week.

I wanted to share an experience that I had in our Gospel Principles class. We learned about signs of the second coming and watched a video about a gardener that always takes care of this huge mansion the best he can even though the owner rarely comes to visit.   That’s how our lives need to be.  We need to be always doing our best to be like Him, to prepare for when He comes again. I know that I will kneel at his feel and cry with gratitude for all he has done for me and all he is doing. For all the times that I am too weak to go on that he has carried me. I know that my Savior is and will continue to be my best friend, and that with him all things are possible. And that’s why I want to be here. To help others to know my Savior and love him as I do. And I know that I will only grow to love him more and more, and through this, he will strengthen me in all things.

Have Faith have hope, live like his son, help Others on their way! What does he ask? Live like his son!

Love,  Sister Chapple




I Love Sister Dobson…


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