Uma Dia na Vida da Sister

Translation- A Day in the Life of a Sister

In efforts to try to make up for my lack of emails, here´s something special I prepared for you guys: a week in the life of ME! ( I hope you are all as excited as I am) I wish I could convey to you just how special every single week is and how different, but blessed, and also all of the things we do each day that are cool and awesome that I am already accustomed to (such as eating rice and beans everyday, ha, ha… but here we go….)!

Monday- An Irma brought us to this super chique mall, called (Ribeirão Shopping) and we are poor so we didn’t buy anything except for food, but this pizza cal zone that we bought was the best ever, so it was definitely worth our time/money. These pictures with the look out of a part of Ribeirao are from there. Then, when p-day ended at 6 pm, we ran around trying to contact some of our investigators, but didn’t have much luck. We ended up teaching Luciana a short lesson right when p-day ended.  I wish everyone was like her, so ready to receive the gospel, with so much faith, and so much love for the Lord.  I want to take here back to the U.S. with me!

Tuesday- We had interviews with Pres. Scholz. He always asks us if we´re happy (and if you’re wondering the answer is yes).  At this interview, he told me “no pressure, you only have the REST of your life to remember your mission (better make it worth it)” haha. He always interviews us in English. We had a duda, a young woman, help us today, and she shared such a powerful testimony in one of our lessons, about how the gospel is happiness, sharing her favorite scripture, Mosiah 2:41.

Wednesday- We had district meeting, and Sister Ayala and Sister Dobson gave a training on the Book of Mormon and testimony.  When I think about what the Book of Mormon means to me, and the experiences (big and small) that gave me my testimony, it was a really special experience. I remember the first time I knew that the Book of Mormon was true was singing “We´ll Bring the Lord his Truth” in primary. Ever since I was 5 years old, the spirit has testified to me of the truthfulness during this song. But I have had many, many more experiences with the Book of Mormon now. They are not huge things, but small testimonies of it through the holy ghost, what I know about the Savior, and his love for me, I know through the Book of Mormon. Then we had a doctors appointment for Sister Ayala, and by the time we got back, we only had one lesson, but the Lord blessed us SO MUCH because the first person we talked to (in our area), we taught the restoration to (100% accuracy today). Then we had a meeting with our ward mission leader, like every week. If you’re praying for more missionary experiences and don’t know what to do, ask if you can attend this meeting, and you’ll be blessed 🙂

Thursday- Ana Laura, another young woman, helped us today. One of our investigators told us that she doesn’t want to investigate anymore, the other wouldn’t let us have an official lesson because she was annoyed that our family home evening fell through, and even though the day was a little chaotic, it was also awesome, because we still felt the spirit. Seeing people reject the gospel but knowing it is true builds our testimonies.

Friday- ROSE moved back to our area! And we had a lesson with her and ate sweet rice, and we also had a lesson with Angela and William, who sister Moura and I taught way back in the first week of my mission. I have been feeling like we need to teach them again, and we have been trying to contact them, and finally did.  I want to help them let the gospel change their lives.

Saturday- Today passed incredibly slowly because although we had 3 lessons, we also walked and walked and walked, but we also had a barbecue at the church with some of the members (for lunch) and taught English in the church at 10 am, just that we had 0 students.  So we taught the other missionaries and our ward mission leader. But we still loved Saturday.

Sunday- Luciana shared with us an experience that she had where she defended Joseph Smith and the gospel to one of her colleges at work. Another woman who is investigating the gospel, but is having a lot of doubts. But Luciana is incredible because she really searches to develop her testimony, and she knows the reality of the gospel. I am so blessed to know her.

I am so blessed to be a missionary, blessed to be in Brazil, blessed to have the scriptures, the Savior, my family, the gospel, Luciana, Sister Ayala, all of you. I want you all to know that I am happy here.  Not because it is not our circumstances or our success that brings happiness, but our attitude through the Savior Jesus Christ. And I know I am SO BLESSED.

Have Faith have hope, live like his son, help others on their way!  What does he ask? Live like his son!

Sister Chapple


Irmã Suzi, her daughter Giovanna, Giovanna´s friend also named Giovanna, and  all of us, at the mall, spending all the money we don’t have (haha we only bought food.)


Our yummy pizza cal zone at the mall


Us and Ana Laura


Fruits from another state in the northeast of Brazil, Ceara, that don’t exist here, but Lucianas mom brought for us 🙂


At the top of Ribeirao Shopping


This dog that we love that is the members dog, and they are out of town, so we have been keeping her company.


Rosangela’s son


Us at a “feira” that is every sexta feira in the street super close to our house



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