E Sister Chapple….FOI!!!! ( p/a Parque Celeste!!! ~ saindo o ribeirão pelo rio)

Translation- “And Sister Chapple…has gone!  To Parque Celeste!!! Leaving Ribeirão by way of the river)

My time in Iguatemi is officially over. This week,  I had the chance to reflect on all of my blessings there, and how I know that I will also love my new area here in Parque Celeste. I know that I can work even harder, be more obedient in the small things, work more efficiently with the members, and remember the Savior in all things in order to testify of him with all I have and all I am. This is something I felt yesterday after church, because there are still so many things I would like to do in Iguatemi, with the people we are working with now. I need to give my best always in order to serve the Lord as I can, and help his children know the Savior, estou muito feliz. Sometimes, (more like all the time) I just can’t believe how blessed I am. The friendships I have made here will last for my entire life.

I was transferred to São Jose do Rio Preto, which is 3.5 hours from Ribeirao, by bus. My new companion, Sister Martinez, is from Mexico, and she is ending her mission (she only has 6 more weeks, just like Sister Ayala). I am going to live with another sister from Argentina, and a Brazilian. I just am super excited to be here, and to have a fresh start, and the opportunity to know more of Heavenly Fathers children here in Brazil.

My last week in Iguatemi was a week of many spiritual experiences, where it was clear that the spirit was accompanying us in many things. Sister Ayala and I had the opportunity to testify of the Savior to so many people.

The gospel is not important because of the church, it is important because through the gospel we will know the Savior.- who he really is and the difference that knowing him can make for us.  I feel like as much as I am trying every day more to serve others and make a difference, that the mission is really making the biggest difference for me. Here I am learning more and more how to really be like the Savior.

We had one of our investigators, Clarisse, visit the church this Sunday. She is a woman who is an incredible example of asking questions, and real desire to gain knowledge. Sister Ayala and I have been talking about Peter, the apostle, and the example he is of humility. I am really learning in the mission the importance to study the gospel, and ponder it, and use questions to gain knowledge. I am learning to love the Book of Mormon unlike ever before.

It´s hard to believe that I have already passed 1/3 of my mission. I just want time to stop right now so I can stay in the mission and keep learning in this way forever. Missionaries are seriously so blessed.  I know that I am super lucky to be here!

Sorry, I didn’t bring my camera to the lan-house, so there won’t be any pics today….But I want you to know that I’m happy, and that while I might not know anything about the millions of questions that the Brazilians (sometimes) ask me about Donald  Trump and how he is “ruining everything in the United States”, but if they stop to ask me about the Savior, I will know what to say about his love for each one us. I know that I am so loved, and so lucky.  And I love each one of you. And  I know I am SO BLESSED!!

Have Faith have hope, live like his son, help others on their way! What does he ask? Live like his son!

Sister Chapple


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