First of all, I JUST EXPERIENCED A HUGE CHANGE TAKING PLACE IN ALL THE MISSIONS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD (AKA THE KEY INDICATORS JUST CHANGED)!  I know that I’m a little behind on the news, but that’s okay…  For anyone who doesn’t know what that means, the missionaries always report how many lessons they had that week, how many contacts, how many referrals received, how many lessons with members etc., EVERYTHING YOU DO YOU REPORT!  But the first presidency just made a change so that missionaries focus more on people, and less on numbers.

And as cliche as that might sound, it made a HUGE DIFFERENCE FOR US THIS WEEK!  The first day of working with this change we practically ran through the streets talking to everyone and inviting everyone to be baptized. And it resulted in Heavenly Father blessing us IMMENSELY! 6 people accepted baptism dates.

I am SO BLESSED HERE IN PARQUE CELESTE! My companion Sister Martinez, from Mexico, is helping me to improve in so many things. She is such a talented teacher of the gospel. Heavenly Father, and President Scholz, are blessing me with the best companions ever.

There are some awesome recent converts here that I am really excited to really get to know, two siblings that remind me of DJ and Mariah, and a girl who is 17.  The youth I work with often have the ages of my younger siblings at home, and it makes me miss you and love you and really be grateful for you.

This week I learned that before trying to solve any problem, the first step is love. That is something Sister Martinez helped me to see.  That if we really want to help others change we must first understand them in order to help them.  The Savior is the perfect example of this.

I am going to help Sister Martinez finish studying her English books and take the fluency test.  Because of how everyone here helped me so much with learning Portuguese, I have had this goal to help others learn English, and so I am so happy for Pai Celestial giving me this opportunity!

Side note: the man who owns this internet house we are at today is a member, and he is trying to practice English with me right now, and he just told me his name is “worthless” haha, I think not!

I wish I had time to write about all of the miracles of this week, and all of the things that made us smile, and laugh. I know that I am going to learn to love more and more every week here in Parque Celestial, and the mission, and realize that Heavenly Father is cutting me down to build me up into what he wants me to be. That the mission is blessing me way more than I am helping anyone else out here.  But that’s what the mission is about, right, all of Heavenly Fathers children learning more about him and how to be better disciples.

Have Faith have hope, live like his son, help Others on their way! What does he ask? Live like his son!

Sister Chapple


My new companion Sister Martinez


My new district


Dragon fruit!




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