Fé e Amor

Translation- Faith and Love

Happy Valentines day! And to anyone who doesn’t have a valentine, if you feel left out, you can send me a letter, and I’ll be your valentine… haha.  Valentines day is in June here, which is strange, but cool I guess.

I wanted to share an experience that I had with Sister G. Santos this week during a division the day of the mission council. The sisters have an investigator named Fernanda. We got there and were planning on accompanying her fast, which we did, but her mom was there, and so we started teaching her the restoration. Her mom, Rita, had a bunch of questions, and is really quite negative about God, and religion, and everything, because she has seen so much apostasy in the world. But we kept explaining about why we pass through difficulties and how heavenly father really loves us and so he sent his son, and how they are two separate beings, with the same purpose, and a bunch of things. But the cool part was to see Fernanda, her daughter, bear such strong testimony of the church, how she knows that it is true because she prayed, how she knows that the gospel will bless her life, how she knows that baptism is important, not just in any church, but in the church of the Savior himself, how she is going to be baptized, and how her mom needs to listen to us, because we bring a message that will bring her real joy.

It was awesome to see how this INVESTIGATOR is already CONVERTED. She bore such an incredible testimony without even being asked, but because she knows these things.  She is an incredible example of what the gospel does for us when we search. Now I am super excited to see her keep progressing. Her baptism date is February, 25.

It was super neat to have my first divisions with sister G. Santos. She is from Salvador, Bahia.

This week was also a week of incredible faith. We are teaching a FAMILY of 5 people, Eder and Silvia (the couple) his mom Aparecida, and their sons Matheus (13) and Enso (3). The first day here in Parque Celeste, I had the opportunity to meet them, and was reminded of how the gospel cures us. I shared with Sister Martinez that because of Luciana I have already seen the book of mormon cure depression and that is what his family needs. They have such a need for the gospel. Eder is searching for and waiting for an answer, a spiritual confirmation that this is the only true church. Please help us pray for him and his family.  I have such faith that he will receive an answer.

Our ward had a talent show this week and we did a skit of life as a missionary, where sister G Santos and I were the arms of Sister Martinez and Sister Vallejo (who, by the way, is from Argentina) and it was super fun for us. In these two weeks, we have already had lunch 3 times at the house of Irma Fatima, who is in the picture. She loves us so much, and has a son in the mission in Sao Paulo. I am so grateful for members who help us and love us. We are going to start teaching her niece, Talita. she is only 11 and has already passed through things that nobody should ever have to experience. I am super excited to see the gospel bless her!

I love you all. thank you for the love and the prayers and everything!

Have Faith have hope, live like his son, help Others on their way! What does he ask? Live like his son!

Sister Chapple

p.s. I am super blond from all of the sun I am getting. It is the strangest thing ever. Also I miss Ribeirao Preto and Iguatemi so much and also Sister Ayala but am loving it here and know that I will learn to love it more and more here every day.


Me and my companion Sister Martinez


When the members bought us “lanches” that are way too expensive for us to ever buy, and so we threw a party.


maracuja flower (passion fruit?)




Us and Irma Fatima and Bianca (members), and Talita,
who we are going to start teaching :))



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