Feliz carnival!!!!! (feliz aniversario p/a Tito tambem!)

Translation- Happy carnival!!!!!  (Happy Birthday to Tito too!!!)

To start, it would be a little bit ignorant of me not to mention that here in Brazil, this week is the week of “carnival” a holiday that doesn’t exist in the USA, which doesn’t have much of a reason for existing other than to party and drink and dance in the streets.  Some of the members refer to it as “apostasy” or ” the devils party”, but here in rural São Paulo we don’t even see anything of it, but its still a holiday, and you know how I love holidays, haha. Also, Happy Birthday to my brother Emmett!  I’m glad that you’re turning 21 before me, haha 🙂

The Lord blessed us this week, and we had 3 investigators at church:

-Talita! there is a good chance that she will be baptized. I could just keep saying forever how grateful I am to know her.

-Adão, who was at the church for the 3rd time but who doesn’t understand too much about the restoration. We want  to help him be a true convert, not just another baptism. But we know the Lord will bless him to understand and that he will be a strong brother in the church.  We called him at 8:10 to ask if he needed help getting to church because the irma who brings him is out of town, and he was already at church waiting, 50 minutes early. Haha we laughed and told him to wait there, that we would show up soon. He greets our investigators and welcomes everyone to church and loves to participate, haha.  I love it!!

-Adaulto, a refernce from an irma. He is super excited to learn about the gospel, and is member of another church, but he wants so badly to do all the right things, and the gospel will help him so much with this.

This week I have been thinking a lot about how the gospel is much more than the  spiritual part, but it is all of who I am. Seriously, all that I am is thanks to the gospel.  As missionaries, we do not bring the church to people, but help them learn how to know the Lord, and in this, we learn how to better know him as well and the things we should value to be happy, such as education, and our families. I was reading this week about the temple and I can’t think of a bigger blessing, or a better place for us to be. I am super grateful for temples. I am grateful for being able to be here in the mission and to change and grow so much as a person.

We have an investigator that this week decided that she will get married to live the law of chastity ( a huge blessing)!  I’ll have to tell you more about her next week! This week Sister Vallejo and Sister G.Santos baptized a family, It has been really special to be able to do some splits with Sister G. Santos and get to know this family. It was the family of Fernanda, the woman who started testifying about the church to her mom the other week. We are already seeing the gospel change their lives so much!

For Corrine (a cousin who served in this same mission in this same area about seven years ago), I was able to go this week and contact the people with the addresses that you sent me. We weren’t able to find everyone, but we talked with Rebecca, who was 10 when she was baptized. We are going to work with her and the ward to bring her back to church (she is 17 now).

In order to realize how much the gospel can bless us, we need to get lost in the scriptures and pour our hearts out in prayer.  That is something I have learned here.  As I read in Mosiah this week, King Benjamin teaches that if we really want to love someone, we need to serve them. This counts for the Lord too. I know that I have so much more to improve, and the more time I am here in the mission, the more I see that. I know that with the Savior, it is possible to change and improve.

I am super excited for this week, to see the progress of the investigators here, and the find the Lords elite people, ready for the gospel!  I know the Lord will bless us here this week in Brazil, and I pray that you will see how he is blessing all of you as well!

Have Faith have hope, live like his son, help Others on their way! What does he ask? Live like his son!

Sister Chapple


Me and some cabybaras during our super p-day at the “represa”


Me eating a maracuja that I stepped on in the street and it opened and so we ate it.


Fenranda’s family and I the day before they were baptized


caldo de cana


Fernanda at her baptism!


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