Ta tudo bem?

What to say about this week? Well, I have been blessed with the opportunity to be here for one more week full of laughter and fun and blessings. (Have I already said that my companion is a party?)

This week, we decided to change a few of the things we have been trying. Lately, we have been working in a part of our area that is super far away. But we realized that more than anything we were wasting a bit of time, because our investigators haven’t been coming to church, so we started working in the neighborhood closest to our house (have I already shared that we live in another ward boundary? And that it is a 25 minute walk to the closest part of our area? Good thing I have always loved walking… right Grandma Chapple?)

We have been working with the list of members to help the ward, and focusing on prospective elders (to receive the Melchezidik Priesthood). We will keep working and I know that Heavenly Father will bless us.

We had a Sabado-festa this Saturday with a ton of food just to have a party. It made me feel like I was back in freshman year (but only for 5 minutes because there were a lot of things that reminded me that I am here in Brazil, ha ha).

Here´s something funny about the week, that since I sang the other Sunday in sacrament meeting, there are a few members who have given me the chance to sing a little more (something I miss a ton—singing (I still sing, but it’s not the same)) and they wouldn’t let us leave lunch until I sang ha ha. #blessings,#ICouldBeFamousHere

That’s about all for me this week. The weather here is cooling off and that’s making me SUPER happy and I wish you could all be here to enjoy Brazil with me!

THIS WEEKEND IS GENERAL CONFERNECE (can you tell I’m excited )!  I hope that everyone will watch it (even those of you who read this who don’t know what that is, if there are any of you). Ask one of your other mormon friends and they’ll be happy to explain it to you 🙂

I’ll be waiting for you all to email my your favorite talk and why.


Have Faith have hope, live like his son, help Others on their way! What does he ask? Live like his son!

Sister Chapple

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Já tá uma festa c/ a sister muh-SAY-dough

HAPPY SPRING BREAK to everyone in Chandler. This week was another week filled with bastante rice and beans (which I still LOVE) and also lots of dessert, and lots of being a missionary, and loving Brasil. This ward has members who really love us and are willing to serve us and I feel so blessed to be here!

For the first p-day in my life, I successfully napped. I think that I’m the only missionary doesn’t love sleeping as much as Christmas haha
Also we can now sleep without having our portable fans right next to our face and also can use a blanket which means that the weather is AWESOME (no complaints :))
This was a week of growth. My new comp is a huge blessing and I love her so much AND SHE IS LIKE YODA SMALL AND WISE it’s the best! Love you all (I’ll repent and write more next week haha….)
Have Faith have hope, live like his son, help Others on their way! What does he ask? Live like his son!
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Parque Celeste: Parte 2

Então, this week already ended (WHAT???) and Sister Martinez is already almost on her way to Mexico, and Sister Ayala on her way to Paraguay too, and we received our transference, and I AM GOING TO BE COMPS WITH SISTER MACEDO!

I am sending a picture from the baptism here this week, of Talita. During the baptismal service, there was such a beautiful spirit, and Talita even got emotional. She was super excited to be baptized.  We are going to start working more with her dad, and his girlfriend.  Yesterday we had a lesson with Talita and her stepmom and it was neat to hear Talita testify of  the confirmation she received about the book of mormon.

This week flew by because the Sisters (Martinez and Vallejo) were getting ready to go home, and left for Ribeirão Preto early Saturday morning, which meant more divisions with Sister G. Santos, and, we had Talita´s interview, and baptism, which left hardly any complete days working together in our area but what’s a mission if it’s not a little bit like regular life, right?

I am also sending this picture that Fernanda and Julio´s kids made of us. We went to their pizzaria to have dinner with them this week, and it’s neat to see the gospel bless their lives. AND THEY BLESS OUR LIVES WITH THE BEST PIZZA THAT I’VE EVER ATE (seriously) ((que saudades vou ter um dia…)

As always, there is so much to say, and such little time, which leaves me confused about what to write to communicate about how the mission is….

This week we had about a million people tell us that they would come to church and for a million different reasons only one young man was able to show up. But it was all worth it because of this young man, and the experience that he had at church. He was contacted by Sister Martinez the transference BEFORE I got here, and we only taught him for the first time last week, but he had an awesome experience at church, and I know that the gospel is what he is searching for right now in life.

I know that I am going to absolutely LOVE these next 6 weeks here in Parque Celeste with Sister Macedo.  This week, I was able to study a little bit about grace, and in the moment that I was needing most to feel the lords comfort, the lord answered my prayers. All of the sacrament meeting talks, and even the lessons at church, were exactly what I needed. I am loving learning more about the Savior Jesus Christ, and the more I study the more I realize I am lacking. As I come to understand the atonement, repentance, and grace, I know that I will start to become more like the Savior.

Have Faith have hope, live like his son, help Others on their way!

What does he ask? Live like his son!

Sister Chapple

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Para Siempre Dios Este Con Vos// Graça Por Graça

Translation- God be with you til we meet again // Grace by grace

HULLO!!! BOM DIA QUERIDOS! I hope that everyone is well, and not too cold, and that this week was full of blessings and the spirit, like it was for me. I know that I have already said it a million times, but I am so happy and so blessed to be here in the mission.

This week Sister Martinez and Sister Ayala (my last tow companions) will finish their missions, which means that as of next week, I will have 0 companions here in the mission field. I am grateful for the things that each of my companions have helped teach me.

We had a super neat companionship interview with President Scholz this week, in which he asked me a million questions about my companion, such as how she is feeling about going home, and her plans, and if someone is waiting for her, and how she has helped me and how I can help her, which was super funny and just to show how awesome our mission president is and how at ease we feel with him, I will share that I responded “Well, I can keep making her do exercise videos with me in the morning to help her get skinnier, to get ready to go back home!” haha, even though nobody in the mission is overweight we always joke about that and President almost cried laughing right there in our interview.  We were able to receive help from him for our investigator, feel his love, and feel the spirit, and I am grateful for that.

THIS WEEK will be the baptism of Talita. (WOOT!!!) I wanted to share with you an awesome experience that we had this week with fasting. I decided to fast for a few things, one of them being for Talita to receive a spiritual confirmation of these things, to be a testimony for her, to help her always stay firm in the gospel. And in our division, sister Vallejo and I AGAIN spoke about the importance of receiving a confirmation of the truth book of mormon.  Talita is so pure and good, but we have to teach things super simply in order for her to understand. Yesterday, we followed up with Talita and although I was not able to be in the lesson, the sisters told me what happened. They said that Talita did what we invited her to do, prayed to ask specifically if the book of mormon was true, and then thought about how we shared with her how the spirit would talk to her , in feelings of peace and happiness and something inside of us, and she said that she felt this feeling!  They shared that she was super excited to share with them about this experience that she had.  I know that the gospel will make a HUGE difference for her. She is already feeling so much comfort to know that one day she will be able to live with her mom again.

This 10 year old is a great example of the simplicity of the gospel, and I am so blessed to be able to be here in Parque Celesete to INVITE her to experience conversion. I am so grateful for this answer to my prayers and personal fast.

Sister Vallejo and I sang a million hymns in Spanish during our division and I was reminded how much I love music and how it brings the spirit…

I was blessed this week to feel the lords love for others and myself and once again, grow to become more of who he wants me to be. I know that we will keep seeing miracles!!

I love you all!!!!

Have Faith have hope, live like his son, help Others on their way!  What does he ask? Live like his son!

Sister Chapple