Arrepender é Melhorar

Translation- To repent is to become better

This week was full of conferences, and blessings. If I haven’t already told you, things are a party here with the Sisters I live with, and we are always finding something to laugh about- like the man who told me last week that his Portuguese from Portugal accent was because he was from Portugal in another life (trying to make me believe in reincarnation), or how we didn’t have money to pay for our acai but the man gave it to us anyway because he knows we’ll go back and pay since we eat acai so much, or coordinating the outfits for our zone to have a coordinated mission picture, or drinking terere  but not knowing how and having everyone mad at me for a minute… or how we played the BEST EVER April fools prank on our zone leaders (I’ll have to share that story another time)!  But this week was full of blessings from Pai Celestial.

We had zone conference, which is where half of the mission gets together to talk about what we can do to improve and be better missionaries. We learned about repentance, and how to feel like we are forgiven, we must have faith. Faith is to believe that the promises of the Savior are not only real but apply to us in the realest ways.

Although this week was short in terms of working hours, the Lord blessed us so much. After pleading with the Lord in prayer for help that we were desperately needing, he lead us to some people who are willing to know the gospel and follow the Savior.  We have been having difficulty finding people to teach but this week were super blessed. and everything we learned in the conference applied perfectly and it was all just perfect and a huge blessing.  It felt like general conference was planned by President Scholz because all of the talks were on things he has told us… like this very week, or maybe its because they are the things important for us to focus on in the gospel right now. The gospel and our lives can be as simple as we make them.  As we remember who the savior is, learn about him, and strive to be like him, we will have joy and be who the lord wants us, and needs us to be.

My favorite talks were the ones on the holy ghost, Elder Renlund, Elder Holland, and the other ones that talked about how repentance is improvement and happiness. I learned that not only do we need repentance when we make a mistake, but because as ´people we are imperfect- it is not only for mess ups or bad choices but our weaknesses too. And as I shared earlier, I loved remembering that there is NOTHING we can do to take away the love the lord has for us. And for this he has given us the holy ghost to comfort us and lead us to help strengthen his kingdom.

I know that the Lord will keep blessing me as I keep doing my part, and I know that as you do yours, he will bless you too.

This week I had a division with Sister Dunlop and she is the chiquest and I loved being with her and being with Americans sometimes, because is so funny and awesome and we laugh about how things are at home and things are here and just laugh and it reminds me a little of what it was like back home.

I don’t think there is a missionary luckier than I… and also I love you guys. Seriously, I hope you remember that I love each of you. I feel like I can’t say I love you enough…( or that I love Brasil enough). Have I said that I am happy to be here in the mission? Or that I love  acai? or talking about Jesus Christ? or doing Jilian Michael workouts every morning? 😉

Have Faith have hope, live like his son, help Others on their way! What does he ask? Live like his son!

Sister Chapple



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