Sei Lá sobre o que fallar neste email… (e feliz Pascoa)

Translation- I don’t know what to say in this email… (and Happy Easter)


I feel like I am losing a bit of steam on these weekly emails. It’s not that things don’t happen or that I don’t have anything to say, but sometimes I just don’t do a very good job at writing (aka if you have questions or anything that you would like to know, help a Sister out and shoot me an email:).

Happy (late) Easter to everyone! This was the first Easter of my life in which I didn’t eat any eggs or anything shaped like an egg on Easter. But you can be certain that it wasn’t an Easter where I let the commercialism of Easter get in the way of thinking of the Savior. For anyone who hasn’t yet seen the new video of the church this Easter, it’s here at  (english version) and its one you NEED to see   #PrinceOfPeace

Well, this week was full of teaching my companion nonsense in English, such as “whose your daddy,  I´m your daddy” or “haters gonna hate”, interviews with president (always the best ever) and something funny about this week is that president, in my interview with him, asked how long I had been in the mission, and when I said 9 months he said, “Wow Sister it’s all over.  You’re already done!”  That’s a little dramatic I think, president, haha 🙂

I wanted to spend the bulk of my email talking about the miracles of the week, which, a majority  of them were related to Marcos, I think I’ve already talked about him, right?  This week, we focused on helping him gain a testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith, and we watched the movie Jospeh Smith: Prophet of the Restoration, with him, and his sister Antonia…. AND THE SPIRIT DID THE WORK THIS WEEK AND WAS AN ANSWER TO OUR PRAYERS!  Because when we got there before watching the film, he told us he had not yet prayed about the book of mormon or Joseph or the church because he felt unprepared, and the spirit that came as we watched the movie was incredible. As it finished they testified about the prophet, that he was a man of faith and of god.  We left as soon as possible, to leave the spirit with them, and he read the book of mormon again and prayed and received a confirmation, right then and there!  And from that point on, he is really becoming converted.  Seriously, the difference that praying and receiving this answer made is huge! He is not only accepting the invitations we leave with him, to live the word of wisdom, law of chastity, to honor the Sabbath day, but asking questions about these things even before we explain.  For example, he started thinking about the kind of music he listens to and the movies he watches, and thinking about what the lord would want of him in that aspect, even before we said anything!  We are so so blessed here.

Besides Marcos, we are working to find the other “elites” of the lord here in Parque Celeste. I know that the lord is always preparing people to receive the gospel and I am learning to have more faith each and every day.

We also had a ward activity this week that was super fun and neat because one of the purposes of ward integration activities is to have investigators come and that actually happened; and we played group charades which was super funny and did a mini-Easter egg hunt (with chocolate) in the church and it was just super fun (what about life isn’t cool or fun, right??? hahaha)

Oh! also last night when we were knocking doors, a man told me he was a cop and made me show my document that I was allowed to be there in Brazil, so good thing I had it so I didn’t get kicked out or something, haha!  Also this week a woman asked me why I was speaking Spanish if I was from the US… haha, because I speak Spanish right? #trilingual

In the end, there is always something to laugh about, every single day. And that’s how we can know that heavenly father has a good sense of humor 🙂   BUUUTTT I know I forgot a lot about this week that I wanted to say, but that’s okay.  One thing I wanted to share is that here it is incredible how so many people remember the crucifixion of the savior and forget the resurrection. THE SAVIOR LIVES!  And this is makes a huge difference! How grateful I am to be a member of his church, and to be able to come to know him more each and every day, and hopefully help others do so as well.

Have Faith have hope, live like his son, help Others on their way! What does he ask? Live like his son!

Sister Chapple





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