And just like that I was transferred, and had to depart from my beloved Parque Celeste to embark on a new adventure here in Penapolis, a city here close to Matto Grosso.  And as I sit here typing out this email I have am already here, in the library, writing as fast as I can and thinking about how my suitcases are way too heavy and also about how much I will love this new place. Here are a few things I can tell you about how these next 6 weeks of my life will be:

  • My Companion, Sister Dias, is from Fortaleza, and she arrived here in the mission field 6 weeks before me. She loves to sing and joke (from what I’ve heard of her) and so that means that it’ll be a party.
  • Also, Sister German, a sister in the mission who I have loved since day one, will be living with me, #score.
  • Anddd, here in Penapolis it is a branch, with a frequency of 65 or so, but the list of members has 400 people.
  • The members here LOVE the missionaries, and of course, we love them too!
  • Also this area is nearly the hottest area here in the mission that has Sisters, buuut right now is winter, so,,, #score *(again)

I just know that I will love it here, and, that, as always, the lord is preparing his children to receive the gospel.  Now it’s my job to use his help and find them!

As for last week, I didn’t expect to feel so sad leaving Parque Celeste, but I know that here in Penapolis, I am in the right place. Having said that, last week in Parque Celeste was full of awesome experiences, and we were blessed by the lord.There is a young man there, Marcos, who is almost ready to be baptized! I am so grateful that I was able to know him, and am excited to hear of his progress.

Parque Celeste will now have a trio of sisters, and I am excited to hear from them about Marcos and everyone else there whom I love there!

My time is already up (sorry) buuuut…, I hope you all have a rockin’ week and eat lots of ice cream and therefore have lots of felicidades!

Have Faith have hope, live like his son, help Others on their way! What does he ask? Live like his son!

Sister Chapple


My last pictures before leaving Parque Celeste.




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