Sou Brasilera, Não Sou Americana

Translation– ‘ I‘m Brazilian, I’m not American’ 

If you’re wondering about the title of this email, it’s a song that my dear Sister Dias taught me to sing, that they dance to, a dance style called forró there in the northeast of Brasil! …… Aaaaandddd as for this week, it was full of laughter, I am ABSOLUTLEY LOVING PENAPOLIS! This is my first time in a branch, and we’ve had lots and lots of good food ( I am desperately trying not to gain weight but actually not trying too hard because it’s worth it to eat this yummy food, haha).

Well, my companion is super loving and concerned and we have already had lots of fun here together.  I just just know that the rest of this transfer will be a blast.  As always, we are on the search for new investigators. I KNOW that the Lord is ALWAYS preparing his children to accept the restored gospel and it is our job to find them! So that’s what we are doing.

One of the neatest miracles of the week happened as we were working with the list of members (which is 420 people here in Penapolis). Many of them have moved or passed away, and to make the work of the branch members more effective we have been helping organize the list and update it.  We were able to talk to a man who was baptized in his youth but is not active anymore.  He shared with us how the gospel blessed his life when he was living it and what a huge difference it was. Now, he has desire to return to church, and we are going to introduce the gospel to his wife and kids, who have never known it. I will be praying that this family lets the gospel bless them just like it did for their dad, and that they can return and receive even more of the blessings that the lord has for them.

BEING IN PENAPOLIS IS AWESOME-POSSUM!!!  I am sending home a video (if my camera lets me) of me eating the best ice cream ever here, and yep I was so happy.  But even more awesome is how much the members are excited to serve in the work of the Lord.  I have already come to love being here and being a part of this branch. President Wagner, the branch Pres, has been Pres for 7 years.  I feel like he reminds me of how my dad would be if he were Brasilian and living here in Penapolis 🙂 and that makes me happy.  He is super organized and spiritual and loving and his family is AWESOME.

There is also an irma named Paula who is our mom here. She is the BEST, wow!  Super serving and loving, and when I showed her the picture I carry around of my family she was so happy and said “it must be awesome to have this huge family,  this makes me so excited!” Her husband isn’t a member of the church but Sunday night we had a family home evening with them.  We are doing our part to have the spirit touch his heart!

What more can I say?…..  In order for a branch to become a ward, there needs to be 20 active Priesthood holders and we are about half way there! There is so much potential here in Penapolis! This week there is going to be a baptism in the branch, of a boy named Henrique who lives on the other side of the city. Sunday night I was able to go there with the sisters and help with a lesson and he is another testament that the LORD IS PREPARING PEOPLE. As much as I know this, I know that he is also preparing blessings for us in our life. He knows us much more than we think, or we remember.

There are 2 quotes that I discovered this week through Sister German that I love-

“The great thing about the gospel is we get credit just for trying!”-Elder Holland

and “It doesn’t matter the situation, God will be there to help!” -Elder Renlund

How grateful I am for a father so loving and forgiving and who will do his part to strengthen us. Now it is up to us, to never lose the faith, and keep moving forward!  (And count our many blessings)

I know that there are miracles that I will see here in Penapolis, and I am determined to do my part to see them. and have fun while I’m at it! The mission is a blast, and a huge blessing in my life!

Have Faith have hope, live like his son, help Others on their way! What does he ask? Live like his son!

Sister Chapple



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