Rafael I e Rafael II (Rafael 1 and Rafael 2)

HAHAHA, JUST KIDDING.   I FEEL LIKE I STILL HAVE A MILLION THINGS TO SAY. Buuuut for those of you who I saw and skyped with yesterday, I still love you and will write to tell you about some of the little miracles.

This week studying the scriptures I was reminded that miracles do not come because of our faith, but through our faith we see the miracles.  Perhaps that is because we are being molded to RECOGNIZE them.

So here are some of the miracles of the week….

Rafael, a different Rafael who I have ever talked about, is going to be baptized this week.  Basically, he was taught for  a few months before I got here but was working  Sundays and then got a new job that also worked requires him to work Sundays, and then wasn’t doing very much to search out new work.  This week we had a lesson with him and we shared a bunch of scriptures and testimonies how when we do what’s right to follow the commandments the lord blesses us.  And that was all we could do, our part. And guess what?  At Bea’s baptism Saturday night he was there and then we asked how the search for new work was going and told him we hoped he would be at church. And we showed up and he was there in the doorway with his hood on waiting to surprise us and he was like-

“Look who’s at church! Me!”

And we were like “Whoa! Okay :D”

I really want to help him be converted but also I’m feeling a little strange because I hope that he has the right intentions for all of this and he can come to understand the importance of the gospel. But I am proud of him and know he will see blessings in his life from his desire to be baptized.

And then after sacrament meeting sister Dias was like,

“What happened with your work?”

And  a Sister in the ward was like “He quit!!!” 😀

And then he was like “I want to set my baptism date!!

So that was one of many experiences this week. Please pray for him.

I was able to have a conversation, with President this week because he gave us a ride from Rio Preto to Ribeirao (2 hours or so, in a car #score), because we had to renew our visas and I asked him how he thinks our mission would be different than serving in the US, and I know that it would be really different because the cultures are different.

Being here in Brazil is awesome because the people love Jesus Christ and whenever you ask them who god is to them they say “everything!”  But then many times nobody does anything to show that love, or develop their faith, and if it means sacrifice, nothing happens.  That makes it super hard for so many people to make and keep commitments. Which is why we often have baptismal dates marked and then they don’t show up to church, nor read the Book of Mormon, nor pray about it nor do anything to search out if the church is true, or apparently, believe that the gospel can change their lives. But, as always the lord is preparing his children for the gospel, and those who are prepared will make commitments and let the gospel change their lives. That’s a little summary of the Brazilian people (in general). I know that there are challenges about every mission, but at least the people here believe they love the lord. I think maybe that will make it easier for them to accept the gospel one day, right?

We have been working like mad men to organize the list of members here and visit everyone. Seriously, so many people have already moved and I think maybe nobody has visited these people in 20 or 25 years since they were baptized, or maybe even more. I feel like now my vision of church visits like home teacher and visiting teacher will be changed forever. PLEASE LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR. Yes those who aren’t members but also those who are.  And I promise you that if you really do this you will be there for them in times of need.

President shared about how his mission was. I want to work hard until the last day of my mission, and really the last day of my everything, right?

This week we also were able to have a lesson with Lucillia, a reference from a member who lives in Ribeirão. AND IT WAS INCREDIBLE, because she actually understood about the restoration.  And so many times when we teach I’m not sure if the people are confused because of what we say, or how we say it, which is why we are always practicing and studying to improve. But I think many times the people don’t understand because they are close hearted and have already shut down any idea of change.  Or the apostasy here of so many churches has polluted their ability to understand. But she really understood and had such a desire to learn and a desire to always have the spirit, not just once in a while like she said she feels at church (which makes sense since her church has a part of the truth).

We had zone conference and I GOT TO SEE SISTER MACEDO AGAIN!  And Marcos is still preparing for baptism!  And we learned about what repentance really is, and what it means for ME, and the importance of being 100 dedicated to this work and all that I do, and serving the lord in all things.


Wow, it was the best night ever I got to visit Vitinho and Luciana and I wish I could have brought all of you there to meet them.

Besides that, the week was a week of growth and me itching to do more and more each day to serve the lord and this work.

The other Rafael is super confused and every time we visit him we have to teach the restoration over and over, and also Lucia didn’t go to church.  I think because she has been in a lot of pain recently.  Please pray for them, and that we will continue to find the lords elite people here who are prepared for the gospel.

Wow, I want you all to know that I am happy, drinking sugar cane drink (I don’t know how to say  the name ) and being taken care of by Paula, the missionary mom here in Penapolis, and that today we are going bowling…. :)) Haha!

I love you all LOTS!!!  AND HAPPY MOTHERS DAY AGAIN!!! As the Brazilians say, BEIJOS! (Kisses!)

Have Faith have hope, live like his son, help Others on their way! What does he ask? Live like his son!

Love Sister Chapple



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