“You might as well eat cancer cells!”

So I decided to title my email with a quote from dear President Scholz from my conversation with him last week when we told him that we always eat ramen hahahaha. And then this week someone left ramen on the stove sitting there for days and it was just another funny mission thing that made us laugh and so in hopes it makes you laugh too here it is. Ha-ha!

This week was full of rain, and also was a little bit sad because our investigator knows what he should do and what the Lord wants of him and he didn’t do it. There were many people (recent converts who aren’t going to church, less actives, and investigators) who told me they would go to church but didn’t. So that wasn’t very cool, but one miracle of the week is that Paula’s husband, who is not a member and never comes to church, decided to go to church! So that was awesome!!

It seriously rained this week rained a lot which was cool and we got to wear long sleeves and what saved us was that Paula ( our missionary mom here),  loves being a missionary and she was able to take us to visit the recent converts and less actives, and seriously I love her and am so grateful to Heavenly Father for her.

I know that life always has ups and downs but that life is so much more fun when we look at the ups and focus on how we can improve the downs.

I thought of another story that I could have told you, that we were with Paula visiting the recent converts and we showed up to visit a family and they said that there was a woman from another church there praying for them that very day and while she prayed the irma saw President Vagner’s (our branch President’s) face in her mind. She has been diagnosed with a serious sickness and it was inspired that we showed up this day, the spirit had to have lead us there! She received a blessing and felt better and they only didn’t go to church because her son had a fever but I believe next week they will.

I’ve really felt this week, like to follow the gospel is a personal choice. Every single day we have to commit to this. There are so many faithful members here in Penapolis who come to church alone or that are the only member of their family.  And I KNOW that the gospel is the path to happiness and peace.

I love you all! Please don’t forget to do the things you know you should to live the gospel.  And happy late birthday to my CUTIE LITTLE BRO DOUGLASSSS-  MUAH– I LOVE YOU!

P.S. This week I learned a song about a hummingbird and a flower that date, ha-ha – only here in the mission, lol!

Have faith have hope, live like his son, help others on their way! What does he ask? Live like his son!

Love Sister Chapple

DSC06566DSC06558 (1)


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