Let me start be telling you that here in Penapolis it is 55 degrees and at home it is at least 100 degrees. Let me share with you an excerpt from my email from Rachel that made me smile:  “I saw that it was 55 degrees where you are, while it was 100 degrees here, and I laughed so hard! Because we are so jealous of you Sawduh!” HAHA.


Let me share with you about the people we are teaching.

  • Luana. Already isn’t drinking coffee anymore (WOOOT) and also came to church this Sunday on her own, riding her bike, in the cold (WOOOT). SHE SHOWED up a little bit late, but I believe that its better to show up to church (or almost anything in life) late than to not show up at all! This week we watched the Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration movie with her and it was incredible (I highly recommend this movie for a family home evening, okay?)
  • Maria lives in the old folks home but we are teaching her and brought her to church and she loved it. She has a baptism date for July 1. I’m just a bit afraid because shes fragile and the font does not have a heater haha
  • Also our investigator Amélia came to church and brought her congregação cristã prayer veil but didn’t use it. She loved church also. She almost came on her motorized bike, those ones that make a ton of noise and don’t go that fast. There are a TON OF THOSE HERE, but I think hers is probably a bit more classy because shes not a teenager shes already a grandma, you know?
  • Tiago and Hilary also came to church, without us even have to bother them to come!

Basically I love being here. It is cold these days but its nice for a little change. And the work is full of miracles! And mosquitos. haha!

In other news, Luciana is moley (not doing much of anything that we ask and putting lots of other things in front of the gospel) but I’m glad for the chance we had to help her even just a little bit. Thats how this work is. Even when someones not baptized, that doesn’t mean that your time was wasted.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CAMI AND ALSO TO TYLER AND HAPPY 6 YEARS OF MARRIAGE TO MY MOM AND DARREN! Love you all and don’t you dare think that I forget about you guys!

So know that i love you all, and read a talk that I am reading called “The Character of Christ!” by Jeffrey R Holland okay? And have fun swimming for me, because its summer and thats what you do during the summer. Swim.

I love you all!!!!


Have Faith have hope, live like his son, help Others on their way! What does he ask? Live like his son!

Love, Sister Chapple


It was the one month anniversary of Sister Ramos!! (pronounced ham-ohse)


The girls I live with 🙂


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