“Vou me-tornar uma bolacha aqui logo…”

Translation- “I will become a bolacha any day now…”

Well the heading of my email says “I will become a bolacha any day now…”  which is me trying to say that here I am eating so much junk food bolachas (basically processed cookies like oreos, but of poor quality) that I think soon I will become a bolacha.  But bolachas are representative of blessings, because they come from members (like Paula) who love us and help us and help keep the work proceeding so well.  So I am as rich in blessings as I am in bolachas and also in kilos (because these bolachas are probably helping me gain weight haha).

But seriously, Penápolis is AWESOME and the work here is going so well. The latest updates are the following-

  • Maria from the old folks home. Everything is going awesome with her, and she has a huge desire to be baptized. She always has some questions during our lessons, and wasn’t able to come to church this week because it was stake conference in another city, and so she wasn’t able to come. But we visited her, and she is talking to her husband about the church, and basically I feel like she is another grandma or great aunt to me. She always thanks us for visiting her, and I feel like it is such sincere gratitude, because nobody visits her and she loves learning about the savior and how she can access his atonement. But basically I love her a lot.
  • Tiago and Andreia and Hillary. Tiago is super excited and super neat and is searching for all he can do to get married the quickest possible, to be baptized. We invited Hillary, who is 9, to pray about baptism, and if she should be baptized asap and she said that she just felt “yes, yes, yes!” as she prayed. So her baptism will be soon (TBA!)
  • Luana. Was also not able to come to church this week. I want SO BADLY for her to understand the importance of applying the gospel to receive the blessings!
  • Juliana. We started teaching her the other week and she was super angry with god because of the hard things that happen in life but now she is already having a lot of changes and as she applies the gospel even more. I know that she will see huge changes.

Okay so other than that, things here are awesome. It’s not even that hot, and today we are going to a club house thingy with Paula for p-day :))))  I have been loving studying conference talks and also the book of Mormon and really I love studying the gospel and I have been learning that faith is obedience and also hope and having a good attitude about everything always.

I know that life will always have difficulties, including the mission, but with the lord and the gospel, we can ALWAYS have happiness.

Happy (LATE) father’s day to all the dads out there! I have had the privilege of having lots of father-figures in my life who made all the difference, which makes me grateful to all the dads out there. Because of you guys, I’ve learned a lot about the man I want to marry!

Have faith have hope, live like his son, help others on their way! What does he ask? Live like his son!


Sister Chapple

P.S. Talks of the week to read-

  • The Character of Christ, BYUI- David A. Bednar
  • The Profile of a Prophet
  • Literally every talk from this conference- lol



Me and Hillary


Maria, Sister Ramos and I



Me and my companion, Sister Ramos




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