Quando o povo tenta nos enganar, só que não nos atrapalha

Translation– When the people try to deceive us, it just does not bother us

It was yet another awesome possum week.

This week was MISSION TOUR!!! Which was awesome and the happy news of the week is that marcos from parque celeste WAS BAPTIZED I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT and I saw sister macedo and elder da rosa and everyone else and it was awesome. But even better was feeling the spirit so strongly and learning so much. We learned about how understanding the atonement is important for our repentance. And the importance of really loving one another and of developing christlike attributes. And being bold in our call to be literal representatives of christ. (WOOT I LOVE MISSION CONFERENCES) And I love being able to be so edified. Probably it’s a little strange to hear but being a missionary sometimes just makes me want to spend the rest of forever in meetings of the church because I love being able to feel the spirit so strongly. Which is why we have to fill our lives with things that will help us have the spirit, so we can feel like that all the time!
But as is to be expected, the group we’re teaching is showing us by their actions their disposition to let the gospel bless their lives…for example, seriously, SO MANY people tell us that they are willing to do anything to follow the lord, but then many times don’t come through with compromises.
Tiago and Hilari and Andreia were at church yesterday! And they are reading the book of mormon together as a family and I am just very happy for them! But, they have to get married for Tiago be able to get baptized. Yesterday we had a lesson with these 2 young men who have already investigated the church for about 4 months, but haven’t been going recently, but they are super awesome, and wiling to follow the commandments. they are searching to do whats right. And, the 16 year old has already read the entire bible. Thats something really cool here, is that there are so many churches, and people, trying to do whats right. People who really love the lord. And brazil is blessed because of that. As for Maria, she is no longer going to be baptized, and neither is Amelia. We are pretty disappointed by this, but it’s nothing that will keep us from working and finding what the lord has prepared! I am grateful to know them and have love for them and I know that sooner or later they will accept the gospel in its fullness, starting with baptism.
To make you laugh:
Everyone always interrupts me in the middle of me bearing my testimony to ask me where I’m from and this week someone said (in Portuguese) “What language do you speak?” and I said “English!” and they said ” So THATS why you can’t speak Portuguese!” and I was like… okay… well we are speaking in Portuguese right now so if you are speaking to me that means you must be understanding. But that’s life here. Another cool thing is that my English accent always seems to rub off on my companions, and the Brazilinas always say to my companions “You have the same American accent! ” haha.
I am very happy here with sister ramos, and things are going well. As always I have been reflecting about how VERY VERY BLESSED I AM. I love the gospel and the HUGE difference it has made in my life. I am so happy to be able to live it.
So, thats that for this week.
Happy 120 Degrees there in Arizona. Also happy belated half-way-to-Christmas (yesterday) for all you Christmas lovers out there. We listened to a few Christmas songs too and thought of you guys!
Have Faith have hope, live like his son, help Others on their way! What does he ask? Live like his son!
Love, Sister Chapple
P.S. I love the book of ether and the story of the Jaradies. This week I was reading and did the math and I’ve been in the mission for longer than the Jaradites were inside of the barks…. haha congrats to me, right?

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