Tornar-se uma $2 banana split

translation- Turning into a $2 banana split

And thats not even the best part of the week, the best part of the week is, hands down, Edilson. I cant even tell you how special he is. And how prepared for the gospel. I’m sending a picture home of us missionaries with him and his sister (Tainara) at church.
Seriously, there is so much I want to say about him that I don’t even know where to start. He is such an example to ME of so many things in the gospel. And he is going to be such a powerful missionary. His baptism is coming up on Saturday, and we are very very excited.
Other than that our week was full of trying to run around to follow up with our investigators. Tiago and Andreia wedding TBA. Sort of…its in the process.
And Amelia, came to church yesterday, which was awesome!
There are lots of other investigators that always tell us that they will do ______ and then don’t, but I think thats to be expected.
In my studies this week I felt peace reading about how the savior looks at us with love and how thats also how he wants us to look at others around us. And specifically at ourselves, too. As we focus on HIM, we will see the beauty in life and have more gratitude. And that was something I am really needing to know. That the things I fill my head with, or the things I focus or do not focus on, will influence how I see the world around me and how I let the spirit speak to me.
I am increasingly more impressed with the grace that we have through the atonement of the lord jesus christ.

As for this week, we have zone conference again, divisions, a party at our stake presidents house, and will be planning to teach tainara, edilson’s sister.
As president Monson says, the future is as bright as our faith. Or as I like to say, the future week is as bright as the Brazilian sun (haha the elders were like, sister chapple you cant have henna tattoos in the mission- looking at my sandal tan lines) lol.
Have faith, have hope, live like his son, help others on their way. What does he ask? Live like his son!
I LOVE YOU GUYS, dontt you ever forget it!
Love, Sister Chapo (see photo)


“Chapo” – thats me 😉


Edilson and his sister Tainara




If you’ve never seen a bunch of patriotic joven Americans here in Brazil after 1-2 years away from the USA on the fourth of July at a district meeting singing country songs at almost the top of their lungs, I hope you can imagine that, because that’s what it was last week for the fourth of July! #merica. I love the USA, and I also love Brasil!

What’s a week in the mission without miracles, am I right or am I right?  This week was incredible because we saw miracles. We are teaching Améila, again.  I think I already talked about her.  She’s the one from the Christian congregation of Brasil and she told us not to come back but we did anyway (because we are rebellious) and she came to church!  And it’s perfect because Penapolis only has about 50 active members but 2 are converts from that church!  Woot!  I love Amélia  (even though she calls me the sister who is not Sister Ramos, because it’s easy to remember Sister Ramos´s name). Ha-ha, I still love her a lot.

Tiago and Hilary came to church.  I think that we are going to see a wedding here sometime real soon.  It’s so neat to see Tiago’s testimony… all because he read and prayed about the book of mormon. If we want to let the gospel make a difference in our lives, WE have to act.  We had a ton of miracles with them this week. Seriously, the Lord is awesome, and so is being able to fast- and seeing that make a difference!

We had a trio here for a few days with sister German because she is companheira-less but her new comp will show up today at 4 ( Sister Baunillha- aka sister vanilla) she’s hispanic. I can’t wait to meet her.

I AM GOING TO STAY COMPANION WITH SISTER RAMOS (YES)! If you didn’t know, I’m happy about that.  She is teaching me about how to trust in the lord and have real patience to learn and improve. I love her. And I love being here in the mission wit these Brazilians who I love and being able to get to know the lord better every day.

I know there’s a lot I forgot to say but… I guess it’ll have to wait for next week. I LOVE YOU ALL!

I know as Hank Smith (and now I also) always say : the church is true, I PROMISE you.

Have Faith have hope, live like his son, help Others on their way! What does he ask? Live like his son!

Love Sister Chapple, (aka sister chapolin colorado)


A Million Vultures and Pinocchio´s Dad

Okay.  Let’s get started!  I will try to send home the videos of a million vultures this week and when we taught Pinochio´s dad, but I’m not sure if it will work or not.  But it was another blessed week!

Something that is happening a lot lately is that the people are like tricking us, and accepting everything, gaining the start to their testimony, coming to church, reading the Book of Mormon, and being taught basically all of the lessons. But then when we go to mark their baptismal interview one week before they change their mind about everything. So that’s been something disappointing, buuuut….. there are also many miracles.  Such as…that an investigator from my firs area in the mission, is GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SUNDAY!  I AM HERE SCREAMING OF HAPPINESS. I just found that out and am SERIOUSLY SO HAPPY, AND GRATEFUL TO BE HERE.

(and this keyboard does not want to be my friend right now…..ljskjuqio ujkcm.ej oi…..)

Buuuut something that I have been thinking about this week is how we are always planting seeds.  It is impossible to see the fruits of our labors, especially in the work of the Lord. every lesson, investigator, act of service, effort, is worth it. and just because someone wasn’t baptized doesn’t mean that we didn’t make a difference!

Presidnet Scholz, in our interviews this week, helped me to realize this. He told me that life is like a painting, we will not be able to paint it all in one day. But it is each little stroke that we make each day that influences how we will look back on our life and our experiences one day in the future. So, we can’t expect to look back on our life each day and understand everything. But as we make the most of every single day, our life will become what we want it to be, through the atonement of Jesus Christ.

When I feel discouraged, I take a minute to remember how blessed I am and what a difference that the gospel makes in my life, and that gives me the strength to move on with happiness and hope. This week we also got to do some service, helping Tiago and Andreia pack up their house to move and I felt like I was cleaning out the storage garage/garage with you again mom :))) Also I found out that Hilary (their daughter) spells her name Rillary. lol

I love being a missionary. I love working in the work of the Lord.  We have been super blessed to be working also with Irmão Robson, and he has been bringing us to teach his family and friends and that is awesome.

Love your family, love your friends, serve with your heart, and do all you can to serve your ward and make it a family.

I love you guys! And also today is super p-day with our zone here in Birigui so we are going to party and eat lots of pizza and I’m super excited (pics to come one day when I figure out these camera adapters).

Have faith have hope, live like his son, help others on their way! What does he ask? Live like his son!


Sister Chapple