Saudades do neginho

Translation– I miss the business

Okay family and friends.

EDILSON: heś basically the most elite of the elites. ( i do not know how to spell that word or really even if its a word in english- so sorry)
  • we finished teaching Edilson.
  • during his interview, well before, our district leader told him our first names (LAME) but also it was still awesome
  • turns out that the day before his baptism he moved. to the FARTHEST NEIGHBORHOOD IN PENAPOLIS. FROM US AND FROM THE CHURCH, I THINK
  • so since he also didnt have acell phone we were like, hopefully he remembers that his baptism is at 2 pm on saturday.
  • and he showed up. so did his 2 siblings!
  • and we taught them in the chapel after his baptism, and it was so neat. when he bore his testimony to them, he was all “its like ive already told you guys. now, i have much more peace and hapiness and direction. i know that this is true!” also he went to visit them in the middle of the week last week and was all, ” are you reading the book of mormon?” and them: No. and he made them promise that they would. he is the best.
  • he came to church in social church clothes, that our district leader gave him. it was aweome.
  •  and went to a ward family home evening last night. and is going to start seminary this week.
i am so lucky to know edilson. seriously i am so happy.
in other news, amelia. im pretty sure she is going to be baptized SUPER SOON.
this week we taught her the word of wisdom, and at church during the word of wisdom lesson she stood up and was like “DRINKING COFEE IS A SIN!!!!” also during our lesson with her she was like “oh how i miss that little black thing!” (right when we told her that the word of wisdom prohibits coffee. needless to say, she stopped drinking coffee. and has now come to church 5 times.
and i actually think that TIAGO AND ANDREIA ARE MARKING THEIR BAPTISM FOR TODAY! YEAH!!! (hopefully right)
in other news, we had mission conference, division in Birigui, and FESTA JULINHA!
man i loved it so much. the hardest part was that i wasnt allowed to dance, but in my head, i was dancing até o pozinho.
and there were so many potential investigators there too! Tainara, Edilson’s sister came, amélia, tiago and hilary, and so many husbands who are not members, and friends of members. it was misisonary heaven and we were super duper happy.
i love being a missionary. i highly recommend it.
when i think about the diference the gospel makes in my life i am overcome with gratitude and emotions. all that i have and all that i am i owe to the lord. i am so happy to be here for him, but even so, i know that im the one who is gaining.
I hope the mission never ends. ( or atleast this feeling of how awesome it is to be a missionary) also i am going to beg president not to transfer me from penapolis (pray for me)
have faith have hope, live like his son, help others on their way. what does he ask?

live like his son!
Com Amor,
Sister Shappuly



Me and sister ramos at zone conference


Me and ramos again


The baptism squad 😉


Us monkeying around with our zone leaders


Festa Julinha


Me and sweet Amelia


edilson in elder jones clothes



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