Leaving home again

Well, I have officially been transferred from my second home, Penapolis. and am now going to AMERICO BRASILIENSE with my new comp Sister Mevs who is Brazilian, from Rio Grande do Sul.

I am so happy to be here in Americo, everyone says such good things about this place! I am also so torn because I love Penapolis so much, and it was so hard to say goodbye to everyone. I am extra emotional right now since I traveled through the entire night, and I am just feeling a little bit of everything. It’s so weird to leave my Sister Ramos, Sister German and Sister Bonilla too. I am so grateful to god for them. I know I am really going to miss them, just like I miss my other companions, but I know I will love it here too.

It was so rewarding to say goodbye to Tiago and hear him say, “Thank you for all you did for my family”.  And to say goodbye to Edilson, because I KNOW he will serve a mission and bring the gospel to so many, and go on to be a HUGE LEADER in the church.  I am so happy for this. Leonardo, has a baptismal date for this Saturday, and I will be praying that all goes well and he can be baptized soon. I am so sad to be leaving the zona Birigui (the good kind of sad, you know?)

This conference I heard so many messages that were just for me. I loved how they talked about service, really losing ourselves, focusing on the Savior, relying on the book of mormon, and the prophet.  I am so grateful and so blessed.  I loved conference SO MUCH and am just happy here in Brazil!

I already look back on my mission with so much love and don’t even know why I am so lucky in my life, or not lucky, because coincidences don’t happen, but feeling so blessed.

Love you guys!! <333

Have faith have hope, live like his son, help others on their way. what does he ask? live like his son!

Love, Sister Chap

p.s. Did you all hear the ‘mo’tab sing my jam this weekend? ha ha (have faith… 😉


a plant casually growing out of the wall in the bathroom of a store


me and Irma Bette Caldeira


me and Irma Andrea and Zenaide and S. Ramos on our last Sunday


us and Gabi ignore the flash that made our eyes red and watery, lol


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