“Elderes! Elderes!”

WELL once again this week we were called “Elderes! Elderes!”, which was fun, and good, because at least it means that people recognize the church, right?

In the good news, this week is not hot!  Also, we are seeing lots of miracles here in Americo, especificamente with the other sisters, who have so many people who have been coming to church and loving it!  As for us, we are doing our part, and we know that the lord is preparing the people.

I am trying to learn more about what my specific purpose is here in Americo, and I am working to do all I can.  It’s been a bit hard, which is good since I am coming to the end of my mission and can’t get comfortable now. I want to keep working hard.  There is always so much I want to improve.

I have really loved reading the scriptures more and more, and conference talks too, and remembering to focus on the Savior.  One of the miracles of this week was that after a long day of work on Sunday, (which for lunch we had a barbecue) we were able to find a family to teach, who loves the lord, and are willing to hear our message.

The lord is awesome. This is his work, and I am so blessed.  I know that this week will be full of even more miracles.

I love you guys!

Have faith have hope, live like his son, help others on their way.

What does he ask? Live like his son!

Sister Chapple


Me and my comp Sister Mevs


Zone Conference

DSC08191DSC08204Companion studies

DSC08206 (1)

The slats on the bottom of my bed broke and this is how the rest of the frame was left standing.




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