I LOVE MY MOM — A tribute to my mom on her birthday.

Since today is my momma’s birthday on the 20th of November, here are 20 things that remind me of my mom and make me so grateful to have been sent to her.

  1. She taught me how to serve.
  2. She taught me to focus on the things that matter.
  3. She helped me to love the gospel.
  4. She helped me learn to have fun.
  5. She taught me to love who I am, and I do, I love being a missionary.
  6. She helps me remember that theres not a better place that I could be.
  7. She always taught me to make my own decisions. I will be always be so grateful for her supporting my decision to be here on a mission.
  8. She taught me the importance of perseverance/persistence.
  9. She has shown me that we can be okay with the things that happen.
  10. She reminds me always, about the power of prayer.
  11. She is a woman who loves unconditionally and that motivates me to do the same.
  12. She teaches by example. I love that I always learn from her.
  13. She taught me to have joy in the journey. Because of her I know how to make my own joy along the path.
  14. She taught me that in the hardest of times, the gospel is our anchor.
  15. She taught me to be where my feet are.
  16. She taught me that there is always something to be grateful for, in each step of the path.
  17. She taught me how to recognize who I am, and who others are.
  18. She taught me the importance of doing my best.
  19. The importance of following the gospel because of the Savior.
  20. She taught me to keep my chin up.

I am who I am because of her and how she taught me to love the gospel. I love you mom!

Have faith have hope, live like his son, help others on their way. What does he ask? Live like His Son!
Sister Chapple


This Week yo Soy Hispanica

My new companion Sister Rodriguez is (in the little boy from Incredibles voice), “SO TOTALLY AWESOME!” Before I tell you about the week let me tell you about her. She’s from the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, which means she’s maybe my companion who will be the easiest/closest for me to visit (after sister Martinez in Mexico).  This week she completed one month in the mission. SHE IS WHITER THAN ME! (FIRST COMP EVER) AT LEAST FOR NOW, SINCE I HAVE MORE TIME THAN HER IN THE MISSION SUN… HA HA.  She is fluent in English, and I am learning some Spanish as she learns more Portuguese!  She is so excited to be in the mission and work hard and I love that.  I have a lot to learn from her and with her.

We have been working to follow up with our investigators, and since last week had we had so many new investigators, that left us with a challenge for this week! Many of the people we found last week have already moved (4 of them) and one or two don’t want our visits anymore, but we were also able to find some awesome new investigators this week! What will help a lot is for them to come to church. BUT it was neat to see people with such need for the gospel, because we know that what we have will help them SO MUCH.

Stake conference was SO GOOD.  Just so you know, Elder Nunes didn’t believe that Joaquim E Costa came, and bet us 1 liter of acai that he didn’t come so that should give you something to laugh about, ha ha, and I loved hearing him talk.  But sadly, it was hard for members and especially investigators to come. So that was one mission scandal of the week.

WE HAD A BRANCH HALLOWEEK PARTY AND IT WAS AWESOME, AND ALSO, LIKE I SAID, A GENERAL AUTHORITY CAME AND SPOKE IN STAKE CONFERENCE! The spirit was so awesome during stake conferences, and I learned a lot from President and Sister Scholz’s talks.

I’m sending home pics from the week, and from Jessica’s baptism!  She reminds us a lot of Luciana, and is so converted to the gospel. She was baptized in a little portable swimming pool that the church has for baptisms, which we cleaned and set up for Saturday.

Things have been flying by since things have been all happening at the same time. But I love being able to be a missionary, and I love my companion, and I love you all, but most of all I love the blessings of the gospel, and the Savior Jesus Christ.

This week I read 3 Nephi 17 which I LOVE.  We WILL receive the blessings as we work to do our part, and look at ourselves how the lord does.

Love you guys!

Have faith have hope, live like his son, help others on their way.  What does he ask?  Live like his son!

Sister Chapple


Me and my new companion Sister Rodriguez from the Dominican Republic

DSC08408 (1)DSC08412DSC08417DSC08420


Jessica’s baptism

DSC08481DSC08485 (1)DSC08494


*Be sure to read the Editor’s note at the end with Sarah’s return information 🙂

JUST YES!  Everything is so, so good here and transfers came!  I am staying in Americo, and am going to be here with a brand new missionary.  I am glad I get to be able to be a trainer again for my last transfer! I feel this will be the best way for me to finish up my mission. So I am pumped!

This week we saw SO SO SO MANY MIRACLES.  I haven’t even been able to write in my journal like I wanted and won’t be able to really tell you about them but we are being very blessed. We have been planting lots of seeds and the Lord has been blessing us.

I love my companion Sister Mevs!  This week we have a Halloween party planned, and …. my thoughts are so totally scrambled, and I don’t have much time, so sorry. But I emailed a few pics, and think that next week I will have more time to email and my thoughts will be more organized.  I especially loved going to church yesterday and feeling the spirit so strongly.  I am so grateful for how the gospel really blesses my life. I  love you all!!

Have faith have hope, live like his son, help others on their way.  What does he ask? Live like his son!

Sister Chapple

* Sister Sarah Chapple will be returning from her mission on December 19th.  Her mission homecoming report will be on New Year’s Eve, Sunday, January 31st at 1:00 pm at the LDS church house on Cooper Road just North of Pecos (650 South Cooper Rd, Chandler).  You are all invited to attend!